Tempo-Tones/ Richard Lanham

Tempo-Tones-uncredited backing Nancy Lee – So They Say/ Meet Me At The Cross Roads, ’57 (Acme 711)


Tempo-Tones-uncredited backing as 12 Year Old Richard Lanham – On Your Radio/ Dance Of Love, ’57 (Acme 712)


Tempo-Tones – Get Yourself Another Fool/ Ride Along, ’57 (Acme 713)


as Tempo Tones – In My Dreams/ My Boy, Sleepy Pete, ’57 (Acme 715)


as Tempotones – Come Into My Heart/ Somewhere There Is Someone, ’57 (Acme 718)


Tempo-Tones-uncredited backing as Sung By 13 Yr Old Richard Lanham – The Day I Met You/ Wishing All The Time, ’57 (Acme 722)


Richard Lanham (BB The Tempo-Tones-uncredited) – (Hey Little Girl) Don’t Believe Him/ Have A Little Faith, ’68 (Josie 985)

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