Teenettes Groups

Teenettes (NY) – Too Young To Fall In Love/ My Lucky Star, ’58 (Josie 830) (Writing credits: Marlene Jenkins.  Ballad-style.)


Teenettes (NY) – From The Word Go/ I Want A Boy With A Hi-Fi Supersonic Stereophonic Bloop Bleep, ’59 (Brunswick 55125) (Writing credits: Al Stillman, Robert Maxwell.  Novelty b-side.)


Most sources link the Josie and Brunswick Teenettes.  The differences are noted beside the entry.  The groups are similar.



as Arnells (ref Betty Jackson) – Take A Look/ Heart Repair Shop, ’63 (Roulette 4519)

Teenettes (NYC) (ref Betty Jackson) – Let Me Be The One/ Bye Bye Baby, ’63 (Sandy 250)

Both groups sound alike and include writing credits by Betty Jackson.



Teenettes (Hollywood) (Bobby Grabeau & The) – Don’t Ever Let Me Go/ Back To School, Back To You, ’59 (Crest 1064)



Teenettes (Betty Jane & The) – Dial “L” For Love, ’60 (Crusader 2440) (Flip ‘Now More Than Ever’ by Charles Vickers & Trio)


Betty Jayne (BV Anita Kerr Singers) – Lonely Teenager/ Time Will Tell ’61 (Mona-Lee 139) (Recorded in Nashville.)


Teenettes (Betty Jayne & The)

– The Sun Will Rise/ Show Your Love, ’61 (Carellen 101) (Carellen is located in Holly Hill, Florida.)

– I’m No Longer Jimmy’s Girl/ Tag Along, ’61 (Carellen 107) (No scan for I’m No Longer Jimmy’s Girl’.)


Teenettes (Billy Jones & The)

– Johnny Preacher/ Night Angel, ’61 (Carellen 102)

– Shopping ‘Round For Love/ I Would Never Dare, ’61 (Net 101) (Texas Label)


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