Teen Tones Groups

Teen Tones (Georgia) (Lead Gerald Powers) – Gypsy Boogie/ Faded Love, ’58 (Nu-Clear 1 & Wynne 107, ’59)


as Meloaires – You Know Baby/ Indebted To You, ’59 (Nasco 6019)


as Tommy Dee (w Carol Kay & The Teen-Aires) – Three Stars, ’59 (Crest 1057)

as Carol Kay & The Teen-Aires – I’ll Never Change, ’59 (Crest 1057)


as Tommy Dee (w Teen Tones & Orch) – Three Stars, ’59 (Crest 1057 Reissue)

Teen Tones (Calif) – I’ll Never Change, ’59 (Crest 1057 Reissue)


Teen Tones (Beckley WV) – Don’t Call Me Baby, I’ll Call You/ Yes You May, ’59 (Decca 30895)

  • See comment.


Teen Tones (Swan) – Head-Shoulder Baby/ My Little Baby, ’59 (Swan 4040)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Weisman, Wise, Blagman.


Teen Tones (St Louis MO) (Jules Blattner And His) – Rock And Roll Blues/ Gamblin’ Man, 59 (Bobbin 105)


Teen Tones (St Louis MO) (Jules Blattner & The)

– Lonesome/ Till I’m With You (Once Again), ’60 (K-Ark 609)

– Lover Doll/ Just One More Time, ’60 (K-Ark 612)

– Lover Doll/ One More Time, ’60 (K-Ark 612)


Teen Tones (Indiana) (Vocal Mike Ryan) – Do You Want To Dance/ Long Cold Winter Ahead, ’65 (T&T 2487-8)


Teen Tone’s (LA Calif) – I Feel So Happy/ Shoutin’ Twist, ’61 (Tri Disc 102)


Teen-Tones (Syracuse, NY) – Miss Sweet (Lead-Bill Shelley)/ Darling I Love You (Lead-Billy Sanders) ’59 (Dandy Dan 2)


Teen Notes (Nashville) as Teen-Tones – Susan Ann/ Cuckoo, ’60 (Deb 132)


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    • Thanks for the news item. Congratulations to Russ Hicks (Willie John Ellison) inducted to the 2015 WV Music Hall Of Fame.

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