Teasers Groups

Teasers (Checker) (BB Jimmy Binkley’s Combo-uncredited) – How Could You Hurt Me So/ I Was A Fool To Let You Go, ’54 (Checker 800)


Teasers (Note) (Jimmy Binkley & The) – Why Oh Why, ’57 (Note 1002)

as Jimmy Binkley – Blue Moon {I}, ’57 (Note 1002)

  • The book separated the Teasers on ‘Checker and Note’ as different groups.


Teasers (NYC) (Bobbay [sic] & The) – She’s A Tease/ Harry On A Safari, ’60 (Fleetwood 1012)

  • November 21, 1960 Billboard spells artist as Bobbay.
  • ‘Harry On A Safari’ is a novelty song.


Teasers (NJ) (Sammy & The) – Penny In A Wishing Well/ As I Remember You, ’58 (Airport 101)

and as

Twilighters (NJ) – Penny In The Wishing Well/ As I Remember You, ’58 (Airport 101)


2 thoughts on “Teasers Groups

    • The three Checker #800 label scans are different from each other. While a variation of platters can be used on one pressing, the imprint would be the same. The basic Checker scan is the first pressing, with the multi-colored red wax a copy/bootleg (clarity). The clear red wax would be a different pressing as the imprint is changed from the original. Hope this helps.

      See http://www.45cat.com/record/nc894170us for their write-up and issue information.

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