Tear Drops & Teardrops Groups

Tear Drops (Dallas TX) (Billy Taylor & The) – I’m Young/ Wombie Zombie, ’59 (Felco 101)


as Tear Drops – The Stars Are Out Tonight/ Oh Stop It, ’54 (Josie 766)


Teardrops (NY)

– My Heart/ Ooh Baby, ’54 (Josie 771)

– Al Chiar Di Luna (Porto Fortuna)/ We Won’t Tell, ’58 (Josie 856)

– You’re My Hollywood Star/ Cry No More, ’59 (Josie 862)

– Daddy’s Little Girl/ Always You, ’59 (Josie 873)

  • Scans found.

– The Stars Are Out Tonight/ Oh, Stop It!, ’60 (Port 70019)


Teardrops (Detroit) – Come Back To Me/ Sweet Lovin’ Daddy-O, ’54 (Sampson 634)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg, the sides were recorded before ‘Sampson’ became a label.  It is thought they were not released until late 1954 on Sampson 634.


Teardrops (East Harlem NY)

– My Inspiration/ I Prayed For Love, ’57 (King 5004)

  • King 5004 (Dee Jay Label Copy) outlines the duet team as Paul & Tony Ciaurella.

After School/ Don’t Be Afraid To Love, ’57 (King 5037)


Teardrops (East Harlem NY) (Tony & Paul)

– Bridge Of Love/ Jellyfish, ’57 (Dot 15669)

– Sugar Baby/ Catch Me, I’m Falling Again, ’58 (Rendezvous 102)


Note:  The book and all sources I found treat the ‘King’ sides and the Teardrops (Tony & Paul) as different groups.

  • Other than a few BV on ‘Dot &  Rendezvous,’ Paul & Tony are the same duet. 


Teardrops (Victoria, TX) (Honey & The) – Something To Remember You By/ You Are The One, ’59 (Val 202)

  • Writing credits: Charles (Honey) Welch.
  • Male vocals.


Teardrops (Alabama) – Let’s Dance/ I Know, ’60 (Colvin 777)


Teardrops (Pueblo Colorado) (Patti Jo & The) – Whispering Your Love/ Sixteen Tons {I}, ’64 (CrazyTown 104)

  • Not in book.


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