Temptations Groups

Van Dykes (Brooklyn-NYC) as Temptations – Standing Alone/ Roach’s Rock, ’58 (King 5118)


Temptations (NJ)

– Temptation/ Pony Tail, ’58 (Savoy-Unreleased)

– Mad At Love/ Mister Juke Box, ’58 (Savoy 1532) 

– I Love You, This I Know/ Don’t You Know, ’58 (Savoy 1550)

Birds N Bees/ Temptation, ’59 (Parkway 803)

  • RCS discographies include titles with the NJ group.


Temptations (Flushing NY)

– Barbara/ Someday, ’60 (Goldisc 3001)

– Letter Of Devotion/ Fickle Little Girl, ’60 (Goldisc 3007)


Temptations (Flushing NY) (Neil Stevens & The) – Ballad Of Love/ Tonight My Heart She Is Crying, ’61 (Goldisc 3019)


Note:  The group was managed by Artie Ripp who was formerly with the Four Temptations

Cathy/ Rock And Roll Baby, ’58 (ABC-Paramount 9920)


Temptations (Philadelphia) (Cody Brennan & The)

– Ruby Baby/ Am I The One, ’61 (Swan 4089)

– Tragic Honeymoon/ Shake The Hand Of A Fool, ’62 (Swan 4103)


Note:  This is a Rock ’N Roll group.


Note:  The Motown Temptations are not included in the book.


Temptations (Motown) as Pirates – Mind Over Matter (I’m Gonna Make You Mine)/ I’ll Love You ’Til I Die, ’62 (Mel-O-Dy 105)

  • The biography for the Motown Temptations includes these releases as being done by them as the ‘Pirates.’ 


Note:  In error, the book listed The ‘Pirates’ with an aka to the Temptations on Swan.