Temptations Groups

Van Dykes (Brooklyn-NYC) as Temptations – Standing Alone/ Roach’s Rock, ’58 (King 5118)



Temptations (NJ)

– Temptation/ Pony Tail, ’58 (Savoy-Unreleased)

– Mad At Love/ Mister Juke Box, ’58 (Savoy 1532)

– I Love You, This I Know/ Don’t You Know, ’58 (Savoy 1550)

– Birds N Bees/ Temptation, ’59 (Parkway 803) (RCS discographies include titles with the NJ group.)



Temptations (ref Artie Ripp) formerly Four Temptations – Cathy/ Rock And Roll Baby, ’58 (ABC 9920) (Artie Ripp later formed the Temptations (Flushing NY-Goldisc group).


Temptations (Flushing NY) (ref Artie Ripp)

– Barbara/ Someday, ’60 (Goldisc 3001)

– Letter Of Devotion/ Fickle Little Girl, ’60 (Goldisc 3007)


Temptations (Flushing NY) (Neil Stevens & The) – Ballad Of Love/ Tonight My Heart She Is Crying, ’61 (Goldisc 3019)



Temptations (Philadelphia) (Cody Brennan & The)

– Am I The One/ Ruby Baby, ’61 (Swan 4089) (Rock n Roll group.)

– Shake The Hand Of A Fool/ Tragic Honeymoon, ’62 (Swan 4103)



Temptations (Motown) as Pirates – Mind Over Matter (I’m Gonna Make You Mine)/ I’ll Love You ’Til I Die, ’62 (Mel-O-Dy 105) (Book listed as aka Temptations (4) which is the Swan group.  The Motown Temptations’ biography includes these releases as being done by them as the Pirates.  The Motown Temptations are not included in the book.)


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