Starlites Groups

Dreams (Philadelphia) as Kenny Esquire & The Starlites

– They Call Me A Dreamer/ Pretty Brown Eyes, ’56 (Ember 1011)

– Tears Are Just For Fools/ Boom Chica Boom, ’57 (Ember 1021)



Starlites (Brooklyn-Peak Group) (w Al Browne & Band) – Give Me A Kiss/ Missing You, ’57 (Peak 5000)

Starlites (Brooklyn-Peak Group) (Al Browne & Band) – Joannie/ My Greatest Thrill, ’65 (Relic 1001)



Starlites (Brooklyn) (Eddie & The)

– To Make A Long Story Short/ Pretty Little Girl, ’58 (Scepter 1202)

– Come On Home/ I Need Some Money, ’63 (Aljon 1260-1261)

– Three Steps To Go/ Nobody But You And Me, ’72 (Bim Bam Boom 102)

– I Can Dream/ You Told Me So, ’73 (Vintage 1004) (Recorded for Scepter in 1959.)



Starlites (Early Girl Group) – My Darling/ Sentimental Journey, ’60 (Queen 5000)  (Book included with other unidentified groups.)



Starlites (NY) error – No More Doggin’, ’61 (Fury 1045) (This is by Buddy Skipper on Fury 1044 b/w The Clock.)


Starlites (NY)

– Valarie/ Way Up In The Sky, ’60 (Fury 1034)

– Ain’t Cha’ Ever Coming Home/ Silver Lining, ’60 (Fury 1045)

– Valarie-Misprinted as Vararie/ Way Up In The Sky, ’63 (Everlast 5027)

– Seven Day Fool/ Don’t Be Afraid, ’65 (Sphere Sound 705)


Starlites (NY) (Jackie & The)

– I Found Out Too Late/ I’m Coming Home, ’61 (Fury 1057)

– They Laughed At Me/ You Put One Over On Me, ’61 (Fire & Fury 1000) (Book dated 1957.  A label history cites these sides were released after ‘Valarie’ and just before the label(s) went into receivership. See (

– For All We Know/ I Heard You, ’62 (Mascot 128)

– You Keep Telling/ Sha Pobo Baby, ’62 (Mascot 130) (No scan for B-side.)

– I’ll Burn Your Letters/ Walking From School, ’63 (Mascot 131)

– I Still Remember/ I Cried My Heart Out, ’64 (Hull 760)

– No More Hurt, ’91 (Relic LP 5090 2-2) (Book listing error as ‘No More Heart’)

– Let Him Go, ’91 (Relic LP 5090 2-4)



Starlites (Lake Charles LA) (Charles Page & The) – Merry Christmas Tonight/ Christmas In My Heart, ’62 (Goldband 1151)


Starlites (Lake Geneva Wis) (Tommy King & The) – Bop Diddlie In The Jungle/ I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door, ’65 (Claremont 959C-0661) (Book included with other unidentified groups.)


Starlites (Texas) (Jr & The) – Queen Of My Heart/ Tres Suspiros (Mex Melody 121) (Book listed as Star Lites.  No scan was found for this release.  Scans for other releases spell group as ‘Starlites.’)


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