Symbols Groups

Symbols (Long Island) (Marty And The) – You’re The One, ’63 (Graphic Arts 1000)


Symbols (Long Island) (M.R. Baseman And The) – Rip Van Winkle (2.48), ’63 (Graphic Arts 1000)

  • ‘M.R.’ might stand for Marty Ratner (writing credit for A-side).
    • This version of Rip Van Winkle is different than the Devotions’ or Nutmegs’ versions.


Note:  The Graphic Arts label is in Great Neck NY.

  • Marty (Ratner) has young teenage voice.
  • Some sources link this group to the Devotions group from Queens.
    • Most Devotions’ biographies do not mention The Symbols.


Symbols (Hollywood) – Last Year About This Time/ Better Get Your Own One Buddy, ’63 (Doré 666)


FYI:  In my files, there was old information saying, that, prior to signing with Doré, the Symbols were The Splendors on the Enith/Jano label.


Symbols (UK)

– Canadian Sunset/ Gentle Art Of Loving, ’66 (President 113)

  • Book listed as President #102.
  • Scans found for #113.

– Bye Bye Baby/ The Things You Do To Me, ’67 (President 144 & Laurie 3401)

– (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up/ Again, ’67 (President 173 & Laurie 3435, ’68)


Symbols (Anaheim) (w Al Browne’s Orch) – Bye Bye/ I Love You, ’73 (Vintage 1007)