Symbols Groups

Symbols (Long Island) (Marty And The) – You’re The One, ’63 (Graphic Arts 1000)


Symbols (Long Island) (M.R. Baseman And The) – Rip Van Winkle (2.48), ’63 (Graphic Arts 1000)  (M.R. might stand for Marty Ratner (writing credit for A-side).  This version of Rip Van Winkle is different from the Devotions’ or Nutmegs’ versions.)

(The Graphic Arts label is Great Neck NY.  Marty (Ratner) has young teenage voice.  Some sources link this group to the Devotions group from Queens.  Most Devotions’ biographies do not mention The Symbols.)



Symbols (Hollywood) – Last Year About This Time/ Better Get Your Own One Buddy, ’63 (Dore 666)

(Old information I had was that, prior to signing with Dore, they were The Splendors on the Enith/Jano label.  Is this accurate?)



Symbols (UK)

– Canadian Sunset/ Gentle Art Of Loving, ’66 (President 113)  (Book listed as President #102.  Scans only found for #113.)

– Bye Bye Baby/ The Things You Do To Me, ’67 (President 144 & Laurie 3401)

– (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up/ Again, ’67 (President 173 & Laurie 3435, ’68)



Symbols (Anaheim) (w Al Browne’s Orch) – Bye Bye/ I Love You, ’73 (Vintage 1007)


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