Sweet Teens Groups

Sweet Teens (Los Angeles) – Forever More/ Don’t Worry About A Thing, ’56 (Flip 311)

(Based on interviews in Marv Goldberg’s history of The Six Teens, ‘The Sweet Teens on Flip’ are “not”, as believed by some, the Six Teens recording under another name.”)



Sweet Teens (NY Label) – My Valentine/ With This Ring, ’57 (Gee 1030)

(Can someone officially connect the Gee group to either the Los Angeles or Chicago group?  Their rhythm is along the Flip group’s style.  Voices are youthful.  Have read the conflicting connection on various ‘net sources’.  Is there any documentation?)



Sweet Teens (Chicago) (Faith Taylor & The) – Your Candy Kisses/ Won’t Someone Tell Me Why, ’58 (Federal 12334)


Sweet Teens (Chicago) (11 Year Old Faith Taylor & The)

– I Need Him To Love Me/ Please Be Mine, ’59 (Bea & Baby 104)

– I Love You, Darling/ Paper Route Baby, ’59 (Bea & Baby 105)


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