Sweethearts & Sweet Hearts Groups

Sweet Hearts – My Only You/ My Baby, ’61 (D&H 500)



Sweethearts (RCA NY DUO) – Just Got The Feeling (Can’t Sit Down)/ Me Heart, ’58 (Terrific 151) (Terrific label is connected to RCA.)



Sweethearts (LA) (Gene And Wendell With The) – From Me To You/ The Roach, ’61 (Ray Star 777)

Sweethearts (LA)

– Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling/ Sorry Daddy ’61 (Ray Star 778)

– Eddie My Love/ Beauty Is Just Skin Deep, ’65 (Kent 428)

– No More Tears/ This Couldn’t Be Me, ’66 (Kent 442)



Sweethearts (NY) (Valentine & The) – Lipstick And High-Heel Shoes/ Romeo Rodriguez, ’63 (Big Top 3147)



Sweethearts (New York) formerly Barbara J & The Silver Slippers – Laughing At Me/ Love Is The Thing, ’61 (Lescay 3001)

Sweethearts (New York)

– (He’s My) Superman/ In Between Kisses, ’63 (Brunswick 55237)

– He’s A Yankee/ What Did I Do (What Did I Say), ’63 (Brunswick 55240)

– Everybody I Know/ What Will Mother Say, ’63 (Brunswick 55255)

– No No (I Won’t Break My Lover’s Heart)/ Have You Ever Fell In Love, ’63 (Brunswick 55265)



Sweethearts (Female Group)

– They Talk Too Much/ Puppy Love, ’63 (H-III 116)

– Summer Days/ What Is Love, ’63 (H-III 117)



Sweethearts (NY City NY) – Come On, Make Love To Me/ Sweetheart, Sweetheart, ’68 (Como 451)


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