Swans Groups

Swans (Greenburgh NY) – My True Love/ (Ain’t Like That) No More, ’53 (Rainbow 233)


Swans (ref Rainbow Swans) – In The Morning (Lead Charlie Sherock)/ Believe In Me (Lead Ray Roberts), ’56 (Steamboat 101)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg, gms: Charlie Drew, James Bradham joined a resurrected Swans group along with Charlie Sherock [sic] and Ray Roberts.


Swans (Detroit) (Paul Lewis (The Mighty Swamba) & The) – Little Senorita/ Wedding Bells, Oh Wedding Bells, ’55 (Fortune 813)


Swans (Detroit) – Mister Cool Breeze/ I’ll Forever Love You, ’55 (Fortune 822)


Swans Quartet (St Louis) as Faith Douglas Trio (Vocal Swans Quartet) – For Dreams To Come True/ Happy, ’55 (Ballad 1000/1001)

  • A Swans discography was found listing ‘My True Love’ on #1001 without further comment.


Swans (St Louis)

– How Sentimental Can I Be/ I’m Dressed Up To Cry, ’55 (Ballad 1004-05)

  • A-side scan found.

Night Train, ’55 (Ballad 1006-78rpm)

  • As/comment below, Night Train is the A-side released as #’d 1006.

– It’s A Must, ’55 (Ballad 1003-78rpm)

  • Scan for It’s A Must is #’d 1003 without distinguishing it as the b-side for this double #’d release.

– Night Train/ It’s A Must, ’55 (Ballad 1006-45rpm)

  • Scans found with # the same for both sides.

– Happy/ Santa Claus Boogie Song, ’55 (Ballad 1007)

  • No scans found.


Swans (NY) – He Wasn’t On The Air Again Today/ If I Could Stop Every Clock, ’59 (Roulette 4213)


Idols (LA Girl Group) – Just A Little Bit More, ’61 (Reveille 1002-Promo)

as The Swans – Why Must I Cry, ’61 (Reveille 1002-Promo)


Idols (LA Girl Group) – Just A Little Bit More/ Why Must I Cry, ’61 (Reveille 1002)

  • Scan found for both sides credited to the Idols.

and as

Idols (LA Girl Group) – Just A Little Bit More, ’61 (Reveille 1002)

as The Swans – Why Must I Cry, ’61 (Reveille 1002)


FYI:  Dot 16210 is credited to The Idols.


Note:  Swans – Daydreamin’ Of You/ The Promise, ’62 (Parkway 881)

  • No label scans for this release asby the Swans.
  • All discographies list as The Swans on Parkway and date either 1962 or 1963.


as Dreamers – Daydreamin’ Of You/ The Promise, ’63 (Fairmount 612)

  • Writing credits: Sheeley-DeShannon/ Straigis-Jackson.
  • There are scans for both sides.
  • Liner notes on various Cameo Parkway CDs state the Dreamers and Swans are the same group.


Note:  There is an outdated Geocities archive, ‘Girl Group Chronicles,’ reporting that the Swans began with the Parkway issue, followed with Swan and finally Cameo.


Swans (Philadelphia Girl Group)

– He’s Mine/ You Better Be A Good Girl Now, ’63 (Swan 4151)

– Please Hurry Home/ The Boy With The Beatle Hair, ’64 (Cameo 302)


Swans (Chicago) – I Love You So (Recorded 1954)/ Will You Be Mine (Recorded 1954), ’76 (Relic LP 5088 & Parrot 801-bootleg, ’81)


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    • You’re right – there are many considerations! After all these years, accurate pressing info is elusive. There is also the issue/reissue dates between 78s and 45s. 1954 could be the release date for #1003. Thanks for these scan links and side attribution. Most helpful.

        • My mistake in thinking they were the opposite sides of different #’d releases. It isn’t a common happening where issues have different #d sides on one record but it did happen. Thanks for the clarity.

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