Swans Groups

Swans (Greenburg NY) – My True Love/ (Ain’t Like That) No More, ’53 (Rainbow 233)



Swans (Detroit) (Paul Lewis (The Mighty Swamba) & The) – Little Senorita/ Wedding Bells, Oh Wedding Bells, ’55 (Fortune 813)


Swans (Detroit) – Mister Cool Breeze/ I’ll Forever Love You, ’55 (Fortune 822)



Swans Quartet (St Louis) as Faith Douglas Trio (Vocal Swans Quartet) – For Dreams To Come True/ Happy, ’55 (Ballad 1000/1001)

(A Swans discography lists ‘My True Love’ on #1001 without further comment.)


Swans (St Louis)

– How Sentimental Can I Be/ I’m Dressed Up To Cry, ’55 (Ballad 1004-05) (A-side scan found.)


– Night Train, ’55 (Ballad 1006-78rpm) (As/comment below, Night Train is the a-side released as #’d 1006.)

– It’s A Must, ’55 (Ballad 1003-78rpm) (Scan for It’s A Must is #’d 1003 without distinguishing it as the b-side for this double #’d release.)


– Night Train/ It’s A Must, ’55 (Ballad 1006-45rpm) (Scans found with # the same for both sides.)

– Happy/ Santa Claus Boogie Song, ’55 (Ballad 1007) (No scans found.)



Swans (ref Rainbow Swans) – Believe In Me (Lead Ray Roberts)/ In The Morning (Lead Charlie Sharrock), ’56 (Steamboat 101) (One source wrote, ‘Based on information provided in recent interviews with Doc Robinson, Donald Sledge and James Brabham, the Steamboat Swans included several members of the Rainbow Swans and possibly Doc Robinson of the Master-Tones.)



Swans (NY) – If I Could Stop Every Clock/ He Wasn’t On The Air Again Today, ’59 (Roulette 4213)



Idols (LA Girl Group) as The Swans – Why Must I Cry, ’61 (Reveille 1002) (Dot 16210 is credited as The Idols.)



Swans (Philadelphia Girl Group) (There is an outdated Geocities archive, Girl Group Chronicles, reporting that the Swans began with the Parkway issue, followed with Swan and finally Cameo.)

– Daydreamin’ Of You/ The Promise, ’63 (Parkway 881) (No label scans for this release asby the Swans.  All discographies list as The Swans on Parkway.)  

– He’s Mine/ You Better Be A Good Girl Now, ’63 (Swan 4151)

– Please Hurry Home/ The Boy With The Beatle Hair, ’64 (Cameo 302)


Swans (Philadelphia Girl Group) as Dreamers – Daydreamin’ Of You/ The Promise, ’63 (Fairmount 612) (There are scans for both sides.  Liner notes on various Cameo Parkway CDs state the Dreamers and Swans are the same group.)



Swans (Chicago) – I Love You So (Recorded 1954)/ Will You Be Mine (Recorded 1954), ’76 (Relic LP 5088 & Parrot 801-bootleg, ’81)


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    • You’re right – there are many considerations! After all these years, accurate pressing info is elusive. There is also the issue/reissue dates between 78s and 45s. 1954 could be the release date for #1003. Thanks for these scan links and side attribution. Most helpful.

        • My mistake in thinking they were the opposite sides of different #’d releases. It isn’t a common happening where issues have different #d sides on one record but it did happen. Thanks for the clarity.

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