Supremes Groups

Supremes (Massachusetts) – Could This Be You/ Margie, ’56 (Kitten 6969)



Ruth McFadden & The Supremes (NYC) – Darling, Listen To The Words Of This Song/ Since My Baby’s Been Gone, ’56 (Old Town 1017)


Supremes (NYC)

– Tonight/ She Don’t Want Me No More, ’56 (Old Town 1024-First Pressing)

– Tonight/ My Babe (She Don’t Want Me No More), ’56 (Old Town 1024-Second Pressing)

– Tonight, 85 (Murray Hill LP 000083 E6)



Supremes (Ohio) (ft Huey Smith on Piano)

– Just For You And I/ Honey, Honey, ’57 (Ace 530-Unreleased)

– Just For You And I/ Don’t Leave Me Here To Cry, ’57 (Ace 534)


Supremes (Ohio) – Glow/ You And Me (Recorded for Ace 1957), ’77 (Grog 500)



Supremes (Buffalo NY) – Nobody Can Love You/ Snap, Crackle And Pop, ’58 (Mark 129)



Supremes (NY) (Billy The Kid & The) – You Are Mine/ Be My Love, ’58 (Bernice 202)



Supremes (Mascot-Male Group) – Little Sally Walker/ Just Yell, ’60 (Mascot 126)



Supremes (Detroit)

– I Want A Guy/ Never Again, ’61 (Tamla 54038)

– Buttered Popcorn/ Who’s Lovin’ You, ’61 (Tamla 54045)


Supremes (Detroit) formerly Primettes – Tears Of Sorrow/ Pretty Baby ’61 (Lupine 120)

Supremes (Detroit) formerly Primettes backing Al Garner – I’ll Get Along/ All I Need Is You, ’62 (Lupine 121)

Supremes (Detroit) formerly Primettes backing Al Garner – All I Need Is You, ’86 (Relic LP 8008 A7)



Supremes (ref Romantics without Ruby Nash) – Another Chance To Love/ Fidgety, ’61 (Apt 25055)

Supremes previously Skarlettones (ref Romantics without Ruby Nash) – Do You Remember/ Will You Dream, ’59 (Ember 1053)



Supremes (Unknown Group) – Zip Boom, ’85 (Murray Hill LP 000083 E5) (Interviews of the NYC Supremes say this is not by them.)



Supremes Four (Milwaukee Wisconsin) – I Love You, Patricia/ I Lost My Job (And I’ve Got To Find Another), ’61 (Sara 1032)

As/comment on the Supremes Four post, gms are: Phillip Green, Lovelace Redmond, Homer Walton & Carl Campbell.

(Group is often mislisted as a Supremes group.)


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