Superiors Groups

Superiors (Philadelphia) – Lost Love/ Don’t Say Goodbye, ’57 (Atco 6106 & Main Line 104, ’58)



Superiors (California Label) (w The Modernistics) – What Is Love/ Flee The Scene, ’61 (Fal 301) (Scans found.)



Superiors (Ohio Label) – I’m Sorry Baby (I Didn’t Mean To Do You Wrong)/ Dance Of Love, ’61 (Federal 12436)



Superiors (Unknown Origin) – Eternal Dream/ Happy Days Are Here Again, ’63 (Real Fine 837)



Superiors (Hollywood) (Tony La Mar & The) – Do The Whip/ Your Love, ’65 (Go Go 1000)



Superiors (NY)

– Tell Me To Go/ What Would I Do, ’65 (Verve 10370)

– Can’t Make It Without You/ Let Me Make You Happy, ’66 (MGM 13503)



Superiors (New York Group) – Heavenly Angel/ I’d Rather Die, ’69 (Sue 12)


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