Sunglows & Sunliners

San Antonio Group


Note:  ‘Sunglow’ label scans found, are as ‘Sunglows’ without credit to ‘Sunny.’

  • Where scans were not found the title is with the Tear Drop release/ the book.
      • The book does not list a complete group discography.


as Sunny & The Sun Glows – Touring/ Golly Gee, ’61 (Sunglow 104)

  • Scans found.


as Sunny Ozuna & The Sunglows – Golly Gee/ Touring, ’62 (Okeh 7143)


as Sunny & The Sun-Glows

– Just A Moment/ Up Town, 60 (Kool 1006)

– Just A Moment/ Uptown, ’61 (Lynn 511)

– Ho-Ho Ha-Ha/ Once In A While, ’62 (Sunglow 105)

  • Not in book.


Sunglows – Peanuts (La Cacahuta) {I}/ Happy Hippo {I}, ’65 (Sunglow 107) 

Sunglows – Fallaste Corazon/ Peanuts (La Cacahuata), ’65 (Disco Grande 1021)


Sunglows (Sunny & The) – Talk To Me/ Every Week Every Month Every Year, ’63 (Sunglow 110 & Tear Drop 3014-first pressing)

  • This pressing was said to be released prior to Tear Drop #3014.
    • There was a name change due to some internal dispute.


Sunglows (Sunny & The) – Talk To Me/ Pony Time, ’63 (Sunglow 110 & Tear Drop 3014)


Sunglows (San Antonio) (Vocal Freddy Sal) – It Won’t Be Me/ Rags To Riches, ’63 (Sunglow 111)

  • Book lists ‘Not Even Judgment Day as the flip.  Scan is for ‘It Won’t Be Me.’


Sunglows (San Antonio) (Vocal Bobby Mack) – Guess Who, ’63 (Sunglow 116)

Sunglows (San Antonio) (Vocal Tony Rey) – Just As I Thought, ’63 (Sunglow 116) 


as Sunny & The Sunliners

– Talk To Me/ Every Week Every Month Every Year, ’63 (Tear Drop 3014)

– Rags To Riches/ Not Even Judgment Day, ’63 (Tear Drop 3022)

– Out Of Sight-Out Of Mind/ No One Else Will Do, ’64 (Tear Drop 3027)

– It’s Too Late/ You Gave Me A True Love, ’64 (Tear Drop 3035)

– You Send Me/ His Greatest Creation, ’64 (Tear Drop 3040)

– No One Else Will Do/ Cheatin’ Traces, ’64 (Tear Drop 3123)


The Other Groups


Sunglows (Bahamas) (Sonny Johnson & The) – (My Darling) Please Say You Love Me/ If You Don’t Want My Love (Carib 1025)


Sunglows (Bahamas) (Tony Seymour & The) – Man’s Temptation/ One Little Lie (Carib 1027)


Sunliners (Detroit) (ref Rare Earth)

– Hully Gully Twist/ Sweet Little Girl, ’62 (Hercules 182)

– So In Love/ Little Girl Charm, ’62 (Hercules 184)


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