Sultans Groups

Sultans (NY Label)

– Lemon Squeezing Daddy/ You Captured My Heart, ’51 (Jubilee 5054)

– Don’t Be Angry/ Blues At Dawn, ’52 (Jubilee 5077)



Sultans (Midwest) (& Johnny Otis Orchestra) (ref Gene McDaniels) – How Deep Is The Ocean/ Good Thing Baby, ’54 (Duke 125)


Sultans (Midwest) (Lead W Barnes) – I Cried My Heart Out , ’54 (Duke 133)

Sultans (Midwest) (E McDaniels) –  Baby Don’t Put Me Down, ’54 (Duke 133)


Sultans (ref Gene McDaniels)

– Boppin’ With The Mambo/ What Makes Me Feel This Way, ’54 (Duke 135) (w Walter Harrold’s Orch)

– If I Could Tell (Previously Unreleased)/ My Love Is So High (Previously Unreleased), ’57 (Duke 178)


Sultans (Midwest) became Admirals

– Oh Yes/ Left With A Broken Heart, ’55 (King 4772)

– Close Your Eyes/ Give Me Your Love, ’55 (King 4782)



Sultans (NJ Label) (Bob Oakes & His) – Church Bells May Ring/ You Gotta Rock And Roll, ’56 (Regent 7502) (On re-issue B-Side is titled ‘You Gotta Rock’N’Roll.’)



Sultans (Kentucky)

– It’ll Be Easy/ You Got Me Goin’, ’61 (Tilt 782)

– Mary, Mary/ How Far Does A Friendship Go, ’63 (Jam 107) (Lead-Wayne McDonald)

Cosmo (BB The Sultans (Kentucky)-uncredited) – Sweetheart Please Don’t Go/ Just Words, ’62 (Tilt 789)



Sultans (Detroit Label) – Say Hey Girl/ A Cottage For Sale, ’61 (Knowles 105)



Sultans (New Orleans) (Wardell (Quezergue) & The) – I Need Your Love/ I’m Broke, ’62 (Imperial 5886) (No scans found.)



Sultans (Philadelphia Label) – Christina/ Someone You Can Trust, ’63 (Guyden 2079) (No scans found.  Some list with Wayne McDonald as lead while McDonald biographies do not connect him to these releases.)



Sultans (NY) – Gloria/ I Wanna Know, ’65 (Ascot 2228) (Although writing credit on ‘Gloria’ is Van Morrison, this is the traditional doowop Gloria not the Morrison garage rock group ‘Them’ recording of the same name.)


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