Sugar Tones Groups

Sugar Tones (NYC)Today Is Your Birthday, ’51 (Onyx 2007 & Okeh 6877, ’52) (There is no relationship between the all female quartet Enchanters or Dell Tones on Jubilee.  The Okeh label spells group as Sugar-Tones.)

Dell Tones (Harlem) as Enchanters (w Buddy Lucas & His Band of Tomorrow)Today Is Your Birthday/ How Could You (Break My Heart), ’52 (Jubilee 5072) (Posted for reference.)



Sugar Tones (NYC)

– Annabelle/ Today Is Your Birthday, ’51 (Onyx 2007)

– I Just Want To Dream/ They Said It Couldn’t Happen, ’51 (Onyx 2008?) (Scans are hand-written.  As/Marv Goldberg Onyx master #s are O-51-617 and O-51-616 and probably distributed by Gotham.)

– Today Is Your Birthday/ Wishin’, ’52 (Okeh 6877) (Scans found.)

– Blow The Whistle/ Scandal, ’54 (Benida 5021)


Sugar Tones (NYC) as Sugar-Tones

– Your Fool Again/ The Sun Shines Once Again, ’51 (Okeh 6814)

– I Just Want To Dream/ I Know You Gotta Go, ’53 (Okeh 6992)



Sugar Tones (LA) (Candy & The) – I-Ay-Ov-Lay-Oo-Yay/ Hurtin’ All Over, ’58 (Jackpot 48008)



Sugar Tones (NJ-Male)

– Hippity Hop/ How Can I Pretend, ’60 (Cannon 391)

– How Can You Forget So Soon/ Baby, ’60 (Cannon 392)


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