Suburbans Groups

Suburbans (NYC)

– I Remember/ TV Baby, ’56 (Baton 227)

– Leave My Gal Alone/ My First And Last Romance, ’57 (Baton 240)


Ann Cole (w The Suburbans & Orch) – In The Chapel/Each Day, ’56 (Baton 232)


Ann Cole (w The Suburbans & Orch) – Got My Mo-Jo Working (But It Won’t Work On You), ’57 (Baton 237)

Ann Cole (No Group) – I’ve Got A Little Boy, ’57 (Baton 237)


Jimmy Ricks (No Group) – I’m A Fool To Want You, ’57 (Baton 236)

Jimmy Ricks (w The Suburbans & Orch) – Bad Man Of Missouri, ’57 (Baton 236)



A youtube comment from John Clemente placed the ‘Port’ group in Passaic NJ.  Both ‘Port and Kip’ share writing credits: Harry Arthur and the artist on each sound the same.)

Suburbans (New York or Passaic NJ) – Alphabet Of Love/ Sweet Diane Cha-Cha, ’59 (Port 70011) (Writing credits on both sides: Harry Arthur.)


Suburbans (New York or Passaic NJ) – Little Bird/ King Of Broken Hearts, ’60 (Kip 221)

(Writing credits: Harry Arthur-Sammy Fields and the B-side by Harry Arthur.)



Suburbans (NJ?) (Gms: Who are they?)

– Love Me (1:43)/ Mississippi Mud (1:55), ’61 (Flamingo 539)

– Love Me/ Lovin’ Hands, ’61 (Gee 1076)

Tom De Cillis is the producer on the Flamingo sides.


Suburbans (NY) – Walk Beside Me/ Mary Had A Little Lamb, ’63 (Shelley 184) (A-side writing credits: Williams-Parsons.  No scan for b-side.)


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