Stylists Groups

Stylists (Lou Styles & The) – Don’t Just Sit There/ Go Go Daddy Go, ’55 (Crown 145)



Stylists (ref Marylanders-Jubilee) – Mourning/ Move It Over, Baby, ’59 (Jay Wing 5807)

As/ Marv Goldberg’s Marylanders article, the Stylists gms were: Johnny Paige (tenor), Gerald Carter (bass), William “Til” George (lead tenor), and Odell Conklin (baritone and guitar).



Stylists (NY) – I Wonder/ One Room, ’60 (Rose 16-17 & Bim Bam Boom 120, ’74)



Stylists (Unknown Group) – I’ve Been Waiting For You/ Scarey Harry, ’60 (Sage 317) (No scans found.  ‘Scary Harry’ appears on the ‘Halloween Bash CD’ as ‘Scarry Harry.’)


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