Styles Groups

Styles (Bronx Group)


Styles (Bronx Group) – Gotta Go, Go, Go,/ Scarlet Angel, ’61 (Serene 1501)

– When You Dance/ Scarlet Angel (Park Avenue 39635)

  • Gms listed on scan: Jack Vero, Mike Pellegrino, Dave Scotti, Michael Banek, Dominick Soldezzo.


Styles (NY-Lower East Side Group)


Styles (NY-Lower East Side Group)

I Love You For Sentimental Reasons/ School Bells To Chapel Bells, ’64 (Josie 920)

FYI gms: Orvin Baptiste, Richard Pettignano, Ruben Mangual, George West & Gene Serina.


previously The Vels – In-Laws/ Do The Walk, ’63 (Amy 881)


Styles (The Other Groups)


Styles (Hollywood) (Chuck Miles & The) – Be Mine Or Be A Fool/ Lovin’ Daddy, ’62 (Doré 630)

  • No B-side scan.


Styles (Times Sq) (Donnie & The) – Chapel Of Love/ Marie, ’64 (Times Sq 106)

  • Different group than Styles groups on Serene or Josie.
    • Listen to the harmony.
  • Scans found.


Styles (Los Angeles) – I Know You Know That I Know/ Baby You’re Alive, ’68 (Modern 1048)


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