Students Groups

Beverly Wright (BB (Groove) Students) – Shake Till I’m Shook/ Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin’ (No Group), ’56 (Groove 0153)

(Group might also be Four Students or a combination of other groups/Marv Goldberg.)



Students (Cincinnati OH)

– I’m So Young/ Everyday Of The Week, ’58 (Note 10012 & Argo 5386, ’61)

– I’m So Young/ Every Day Of The Week, ’61 (Checker 902)

– My Vow To You/ That’s How I Feel, ’58 (Note 10019 & Checker 1004, ’62)



Students (Philadelphia)

– My Heart Is An Open Door/ Mommy And Daddy, ’58 (Red Top 100)

– Mary/ Bye Bye Truly, ’58 (Red Top 131)

– Jenny Lee (Recorded Live at the Apollo-1956), ’64 (Fordham 109) (Lead sounds the same as lead on Mommy And Daddy.)



Students (Nebraska) (Bill Starr & The) – One Heart/ Love For A Year, ’60 (Applause 1235)



Philadelphia Students – Philadelphia Girl/ Some Saturday, ’92 (Clifton 103) (Label credits: B Keith, E Brown, J Brown, J Dickerson & C Smith)


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