Strollers Groups

Strollers (Chicago Group) – Baby Sweet, ’55 (Chess-Unreleased)

Strollers (Chicago Group) – False Love, ’55 (Chess-Unreleased)

  • ‘Baby Sweet’ and ‘False Love’ appear on ‘Power Vine 7093’ issued in 1989 titled ‘More Windy City Harmonizers (Unreleased & Rare Chicago R&B Vocal Groups-The Second Round).


Strollers (Chicago Label)

– In Your Dreams/ Go Where Baby Lives, ’57 (States 163)

– Bitter Dreams, ’57 (States-Unreleased)


Strollers (The NY Area Groups)


Strollers (Brooklyn NY) – Baby Eyes/ You’re The Only One For Me, ’57 (Zebra 22)

  • Writing credits: William Campbell, Milton Rudolph/ William Campbell.


Strollers (NY) (ref King Curtis) – Crowded Classroom/ We’re Strollin’, ’58 (Warner 1018)

  • Writing credits: R Lean-R Mann/ Tennyson-Kirkland.


Strollers (NY-Male (Female Background)) – One Summer Love/ King Of All Fools, ’60 (20th Fox 226)


Strollers (NY-Cub) (ft Al) – Dee Dee Brown, ’60 (Cub 9060)

Strollers (NY-Cub) (ft Joe) – Favors, ’60 (Cub 9060)


Strollers (NY-Dart) – Nobody But You/ That Look In Your Eye, ’60 (Dart 1017)

  • Writing credits: Williams-Dunn/ Jackson.
  • ‘Nobody But You’ is a different song than ‘There’s No One But You’ by the Strollers group on Carlton.


Strollers (NY-Carlton) – Come On Over/ There’s No One But You, ’61 (Carlton 546)

  • Writing credits: Evans-Cerrin/ Evans-Johnson.


Strollers (NY-Jubilee) – Ever Since You Kissed Me Joey/ Tangier {I}, ’63 (Jubilee 5449)


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