Strangers Groups

The book’s listing of the groups is unchanged.  See Marv Goldberg for a complete history of the King group.  Most scans were available for all groups.


Strangers (Brooklyn)

– My Friends/ I’ve Got Eyes, ’54 (King 4697)

– Blue Flowers/ Beg And Steal, ’54 (King 4709)

– Hoping You’ll Understand/ Just Don’t Care, ’54 (King 4728)

– Drop Down To My Place/ Get It One More Time, ’54 (King 4745)

– Dreams Came True/ How Long Must I Wait, ’54 (King 4766)

– Without A Friend/ Think Again, ’55 (King 4821)

– It’s Too Bad (We Had To Part) (King-unreleased & a King 4401 Label)



Strangers (California)

– Crab Louie/ We’re In Love, We’re In Love, We’re In Love, ’59 (Christy 107)

– A Song About J-U-D-Y/ The Lord Will Always Welcome You, ’59 (Christy 108)



Strangers (Unknown Origin) – I’m Feeling Sad/ You Aint [sic]To [sic] Cool, ’60 (Maske 101)



Strangers (Philadelphia) – Pa And Billie/ Darlin’, ’62 (Checker 1010)



Strangers (NY-Warner Bros) (ft Richard Pitts) – Night Winds/ These Are The Things I Love, ’64 (Warner Bros 5438)


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