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Story Tellers (San Gabriel CA) – Hey Baby/ You Played Me A Fool, ’59 (Zenith 101 & $tack 500)

Note: Gms, Al Sanchez, Nick Delgado & Ray Bias.  Ray Bias replaced founding member Ruben Ochoa.


as Storytellers

– Please Remember My Love/ Gee But I Like Your Smile, ’90 (Classic Artists 118)

– Heaven’s For Real/ This Is Goodbye, ’91 (Classic Artists 128)

– Heart For Heart/ The LA Shuffle, ’92 (Classic Artists 133)

Note: Gms, Al Sanchez, Nick Delgado, Ruben Ochoa who rejoined the group on the Classic Artists releases replacing Ray Bias and Sam Delgado.


FYI: No information was found to relate them to The Tellers or Timmy Lymon.


Story Tellers (LA) (fb Steve Barri-Carol Connors) – Time Will Tell/ When Two People (Are In Love), ’63 (Dimension 1014)


as Storytellers

Time Will Tell/ When Two People (Are In Love), ’63 (Ramarca 501)

– I Don’t Want An Angel/ Down In The Valley, ’63 (Capitol 5042)

  • Under the direction of Johnny Bachelor; Produced by Nick Venet.


FYI: The Teller Groups


Tellers (NY) – Tears Fell From My Eyes/ I Wanna Run To You, ’60 (Fire 1038)

  • Scans credit the group name only.
  • The book listed the group fronted by Timmy Lymon.
    • There is an ongoing controversy if Timmy Lymon is ‘Frankie Lymon’-related or another person with the same name.


Tellers (Hollywood) (Artie Banks & The) – Oriental Baby {I}/ The Spider And The Fly, ’61 (Imperial 5788)