Stereos Groups

Tams (Philadelphia) previously Stereos (Philadelphia) – Memory Lane/ Teenage Kids, ’59 (Mink 022-first pressing)



Stereos (Unknown Origin) (Little Benny & The) – My Sweetheart/ Drinking Wine, Spodie Odie, ’59 (Spot 106) (Some date 1961.)



Stereos (Ohio) as Buckeyes

– Since I Fell For You/ By Only You, ’57 (DeLuxe 6110)

– Dottie Baby/ Beggin’ You, Please, ’57 (DeLuxe 6126)


Stereos (Ohio)

– A Love For Only You/ Sweetpeas’ In Love [sic], ’59 (Gibralter [sic] 105 & Gibraltar 105) (Scans found for both label spellings.)

– I Really Love You/ Please Come Back To Me, ’61 (Cub 9095)

– Sweet Water/ The Big Knock, ’61 (Cub 9103)

– Walking Along (Cub-Unreleased)

– Echo In My Heart/ Tick Tack Toe, ’62 (Columbia 42626) (As/Marv Goldberg, only released in Baltimore and Chicago.  Scan found for a-side.)

– Echo In My Heart/ Tick Tack Toe, ’62 (Cub 42626) (Both scans found.)

– Unless You Mean It/ Do You Love Me, ’62 (Cub 9106)

– Mumbling Word/ Good News, ’63 (World Artists 1012)

– Don’t Let It Happen To You/ The Best Thing To Be Is A Person, ’65 (Val 2)

– I Can’t Stop These Tears/ I Feel Soul A’Coming, ’68 (Cadet 5626)


Stereos (Ohio) as Sterio’s – Life/ Sweet Pea’s In Love, ’66 (Ideal 110) (No scan for b-side.  Spelling on b-side is posted as/seller, who also lists the side as a modernized version of ‘Sweetpeas’ In Love.)


Stereos (Ohio) as Stereo’s – Stereo Freeze Part 1/ Stereo Freeze Part 2, ’67 (Cadet 5577)



Stereos (California) (Dave & The) – This Must Be Love/ Roamin’ Romeo, ’61 (Pennant 1001)



Hi-Liters (West Coast) became Stereos (LA)

– My Heart/ You Left Me Forsaken, ’62 (Robin Nest 101)

– Don’t Cry Darling/ Run Sinner Run, ’62 (Robin Nest 1588)


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