Star Fires & Starfires Groups

Star Fires (ref Eddie Day & Charles McCuen) – You Done Me Wrong/ Like Socks And Shoes {I}, ’66 (Laurie 3332) (Label spells as Star Fires.  Pictures of group and ads also spell as Starfires.)



Starfires (Washington DC) (ref Knight Brothers)

– I Have Someone/ Three Roses, ’58 (Decca 30730)

– Love Is Here To Stay/ Tomorrow, ’59 (Decca 30916)



Starfires (NY)

– Yearning For You/ Do-Ko-Icke-No, ’58 (Bernice 201) (From Philadelphia.  Recorded for Richard Barrett in NY.  Thanks to comment (see below) and the Classic Urban Harmony site, the gms are: Harold Webb, Wally Osborne, Bernard Johnson, Bobby Holland, William “Lefty” Wright.

– These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)/ Let’s Do The Pony, ’61 (D&H 200) (w/o Wally Osborne.)

– So Much/ You’re The One, ’61 (Bargain 5001)

– Love Will Break Your Heart/ The Dances, ’61 (Bargain 5003 & Atomic 1912, ’62)



Original Starfires (NYC Surf Grp) – Fender Bender {I}/ Camel Walk {I}, ’59 (Pace 101 & Apt 25030) (Book listed as Starfires.)


Wayne Hammond & The Starfirers (Vidalia Georgia) – Can’t See Why/ Carolyn, ’59 (Gala 105) (Book listed as Starfires (2))



Starfires (Cleveland) (Tom King & The) – Ring Of Love/ Cheating Game, ’60 (Pama 115)


Starfires (Cleveland) – Billy’s Blues {I}/ Chartreuse Caboose {I}, ’61 (Pama 117)



Starfires (Florida) (Ral Donner & The) – Girl Of My Best Friend/ It’s Been A Long Long Time, ’61 (Gone 5102)


as Ral Donner (w The Starfires (Florida)) – And Then/ Loneliness Of A Star, ’63 (Tau 105) (Not in book.)



Starfires (Philly Group) – Each Night At Nine/ What Good Is Money, ’62 (Haral 777) (Book listed as Star Fires.  Sources locate group in Philadelphia but not the same group as on Laurie as Star Fires.)



Starfires (White Group) – Fools Fall In Love/ Under The Stars, ’62 (Duel 518)



Starfires (NY Label) (Joe Cap & The) – Go Chattanooga/ Camille, ’62 (Chip 1010)


Starfires (NY Label) (Joe Capp & The) – The Comic Strip Wobble/ It’s Wobblin’ Time, ‘62 (Roulette 4436)



Starfires (Illinois Label) – Hand Full Of Blood/ Re-Entry {I}, ’63 (Sonic 7163)


Terry Hull & The Starfires – Meant To Be/ Those Pretty Brown Eyes (Staff 103) (Some sellers date as 1959.  Label discographies either date 1963 or leave the date blank.)



Starfires (Surf Instrumental Group) (ref Art Fisher & Paul Johnson) – (It’s Gonna) Work Out Fine/ Fink {I}, ’65 (Triumph 61)


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    • Classic Urban Harmony has a complete Starfires (NY) history and how the various labels were structured. Much appreciation for the link.

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