Star Fires & Starfires Groups

Star Fires Group


Star Fires (Pennsylvania) – You Done Me Wrong/ Like Socks And Shoes {I}, ’66 (Laurie 3332)

  • Ref Eddie Day & Charles McCuen.


Starfires Groups


Starfires (Washington DC)

– I Have Someone/ Three Roses, ’58 (Decca 30730)

– Love Is Here To Stay/ Tomorrow, ’59 (Decca 30916)

  • Ref Knight Brothers.


Starfires (Philadelphia)

Yearning For You/ Do-Ko-Icke-No, ’58 (Bernice 201)

  • Group is from Philadelphia.  They recorded for Richard Barrett in NY.
  • Thanks to comment (see below) and the Classic Urban Harmony site the gms are: Harold Webb, Wally Osborne, Bernard Johnson, Bobby Holland, William “Lefty” Wright.

– These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)/ Let’s Do The Pony, ’61 (D&H 200)

  • W/o Wally Osborne.
  • No scan for B-side.

– So Much/ You’re The One, ’61 (Bargain 5001)

– Love Will Break Your Heart/ The Dances, ’61 (Bargain 5003 & Atomic 1912, ’62)


(The Original) Starfires (Instrumental Group) – Fender Bender {I}/ Camel Walk {I}, ’59 (Pace 101 & Apt 25030)

  • Book listed with other Starfires groups.


Starfires (Cleveland) (Tom King & The) – Ring Of Love/ Cheating Game, ’60 (Pama 115)


as Tom King (w The Ardells & The Starfires) – ?/ Love You ‘Cause I Love You (Pama 116B)


Starfires (Cleveland) – Billy’s Blues {I}/ Chartreuse Caboose {I}, ’61 (Pama 117)


Terry Hull & The Starfires (Washington DC) – Meant To Be/ Those Pretty Brown Eyes (Staff 103)


Starfires (Florida) (Ral Donner & The) – Girl Of My Best Friend/ It’s Been A Long Long Time, ’61 (Gone 5102)


as Ral Donner (w The Starfires (Florida)) – And Then/ Loneliness Of A Star, ’63 (Tau 105)

  • Not in book.


Starfires (Philly Group) – Each Night At Nine/ What Good Is Money, ’62 (Haral 777)

  • Book listed with the ‘Star Fires.’
  • Sources locate group in Philadelphia
  • Not the same group as the ‘Star Fires’ on Laurie.


Starfires (White Group) – Fools Fall In Love/ Under The Stars, ’62 (Duel 518)

  • Writing credits on both sides: TF Bogdany.
  • Comment on youtube says photo is of “Tom Caterino (2nd Tenor) & Lou Pesce (1st Tenor), taken a year before the group recorded these two songs.”


Starfires (NY Label) (Joe Cap & The) – Go Chattanooga/ Camille, ’62 (Chip 1010)

  • Writing credits: Joseph Capasso-Robert Morton/ Joseph Capasso.


Starfires (NY Label) (Joe Capp & The) – The Comic Strip Wobble/ It’s Wobblin’ Time, ‘62 (Roulette 4436)

  • Writing credits: Cleveland-Crier-Perking/ Crier-Perkins.



  • I have not heard any of the above listed titles.
  • There are no biographies or other information on the net to link these two (very similar spellings) as one group.
  • All sources found, list them as two separate groups.


Starfires (Illinois Label) – Hand Full Of Blood/ Re-Entry {I}, ’63 (Sonic 7163)


Starfires (Surf Instrumental Group) – (It’s Gonna) Work Out Fine/ Fink {I}, ’65 (Triumph 61)


Starfires (Wayne Hammond & The) error – Can’t See Why/ Carolyn, ’59 (Gala 105)

  • Scans credit as: Wayne Hammond & The Starfirers (Vidalia Georgia.)


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    • Classic Urban Harmony has a complete Starfires (NY) history and how the various labels were structured. Much appreciation for the link.

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