Squires (The Other Groups)

Squires (LA)

– Lets [sic] Give Love A Try/ Whop, ’53 (Combo 35)

– Oh, Darling/ My Little Girl, ’53 (Combo 42) (No scans found.)

(As/Marv Goldberg Squires article, gms are: Delmer Wilburn (lead), Otis White (first tenor), Jimmy Richardson (second tenor), James Myles (baritone), and Maudice Giles (bass) + Ethel Brown (pianist and arranger)-added at a later time.)



Squires (California) – Sayonara (Let’s Say Goodbye)/ Mia Bella Donna, ’54 (Flair 1030)



Squires (Chattanooga TN) – Movin’ Out {I}/ Our Theme, ’61 (Chan 102 & MGM 13044)



Squires (NY Label) – So Many Tears Ago/ Don’t Accuse Me, ’62 (Gee 1082) (Producer: Richard Barrett)



Avalons (Virginia-George Cox Group) as Squires – Why Should I Suffer/ Walkin’, ’63 (Herald 580)



Squires (Chicago) previously Antennas

– Thirty Minutes To Go, ’62 (United-unreleased)

– Ubangi Baby, ’62 (United-unreleased)

– Fuji-Yama Mama/ Be Yourself, ’62 (Clay 201)

More info for the above Antennas/Squires’ group can be found at (soul-source.co.uk/soulforum/topic/105377-antennas-squires). 


Squires (Chicago) (Shirley & Her) – I’m In A Need/ Drip Drop, ’63 (Constellation 107)

(A-side title correction.  Book listed apart from other Squires groups.)


Squires (Chicago) – It’s Time/ Girls, ’64 (Boss 2120) (Pirkle Lee involved.)


Squires (Chicago) as Perk Lee – Peanut Butter Sandwich/ The Docks, ’64 (Boss 2125) (The whole group is involved.)

Marv Goldberg’s El Dorados’ article clarifies Pirkle Lee involvement with the group.



Stagehands became Squires (Brooklyn) – Joyce Can’t Believe That You’ve Grown Up, ’64 (Congress 223)


Squires (Morristown NJ) – Shimmy Stomp/ Love Me-Leave Me, ’65 (Robway 1)


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