Speidels/Spiedels, Spi-Dells, Spidels & Spy Dels/Spydels

Speidels (Tennessee) – Oh Baby/ A Lovely One, ’60 (Monte Carlo 101)



Speidels (NY) – Fat Lady, ’63 (Minaret 112)

Speidels (NY) (Vocal-Bill Bagby) – I’ll Catch A Rainbow, ’63 (Minaret 112)

and as

Speidels (NY) as Spidels – Fat Lady, ’63 (Minaret 112)

Speidels (NY) as Spidels (Vocal-Bill Bagby) – I’ll Catch A Rainbow, ’63 (Minaret 112)



Spiedels (NYC Male Group-PA Label) – No/ Dear Joan, ’58 (Crosley 201)



Spiedels (Motown Male Group) – Dream Girl/ That’s What I Get, ’66 (Providence 418) (Produced by Ernie Maresca.)



Spi-Dells (Massachusetts) (ft Jimmy King) – Take Me As I Am/ Over The Weekend, ’64 (Tyme 200,263/4) (Scans found.)


Spi-Dells (Massachusetts)

– Gee But I Wish/ Never Ever, ’66 (Little Town 575) (Scans found.  Label spelling is correct.)

– Autumn Leaves/ Patty Cake (Littleton 123) (Scans found but not listed in book.)


Spi-Dells (Massachusetts) – Demco LP 1003 (I’m Comin’ Home) 1968

Side A: Dawn, Gee But I Wish, (You Make Me Feel) So Good, “Beggin”, Take Me As I Am.

Side B: I Lost Your Love-Autumn Leaves, Mammy, Cry Myself To Sleep, Hully Gully, I’m Comin’ Home.


Spi-Dells (Massachusetts) (ft Jimmy King) – I Feel Just Like Crying/ It’s My Way (Demco 1004) (Scans found but not listed in book.)

Original Spi-Dells: Charlie Quintal, Don Perry, Jimmy King, Jerry Wallace (Vallee) & Jack Andrews 



Spidels (Delware) – You Know I Need You/ Like A Bee, ’65 (Chavis 1035)


Davi (BB The Spidels-Uncredited) – Go Charley Go/ Reason For Love, ’62 (Star K 110) (Scans found.  The label is printed as Star K rather than StarK.  The North Carolina label printed as STARK appears to be a different label than StarK.)



Spy Dels (Sub Label of Sue Records) – We’ll Be Together/ Boll Weevil Is Back, ’62 (Cracker Jack 4001)



Spydels (NYC) – We’re In Love/ Big McGoon, ’60 (Addit 1220)


Spydels (Connecticut) – No More Teasing/ Wanted Dead Or Alive, ’61 (MZ 103 & MZ 009)



Spydels (New York NY) – Change Your Mind/ Peace Of Mind, ’62 (Assault 1860)


as Johnny Dow  Talk To Me …. Talk, ’62 (Assault 1865)

Spydels (New York NY) (Johnny Dow With The) – You Were An Angel To Me, ’62 (Assault 1866)



Spydels error – In The Night/ Hokey Pokey, ’63 (Beltone 2032) (This is by Sydells.)


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