Sparks Groups

Sparks (NY Area Groups)


Sparks (NY-Hull)

– Danny Boy/ Run Run Run, ’57 (Hull 723)

– Finger (Calypso)/ Adreann (Calypso), ’57 (Hull 724)

  • Writing credits on both sides: A Demboe.

Slowly But Surely, ’62 (Hull LP 1002 (2-4))

  • Writing credits: A Demboe.
  • As/ comment, originally released on Hull LP 1002 in 1962.  The linked insert? adds (I Am Falling In Love) to the title while the scans/jacket do not.

– Slowly But Surely, ’75 (Broadcast 1121)

  • Flip ‘Away Over There’ is by the Carousels (NY-Hull.)


Note:  All Hull releases sound like the same group.


Sparks (NY-Carlton) – Gee That’s Bad/ The Genie, ’59 (Carlton 522)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Prockriss-Vance.


Sparks (NY-Cub) – Cool It/ Woe, Woe, ’67 (Cub 9151 & MSR 103)


Sparks (Various Locations)


Sparks (Memphis) (Curtis Irvin & The) – Make A Little Love/ Cheatin’ On Me, ’54 (RPM 417)


Sparks (New Orleans)

– Ol’ Man River {I}/ Merry, Merry Lou, ’57 (Decca 30378-first pressing)

– Ol’ Man River {I}/ Mary, Mary Lou, ’57 (Decca 30378-second pressing)

– A Cuddle And A Kiss/ Roamin’ Candle, ’57 (Decca 30509)

– Why Did You Leave/ La Macerena, ’59 (Decca 30974)


Sparks (Louisiana) (Nathan Ray & The) – Teen Age Heart/ Hold Me Close (My Darling), ’58 (Rocko 510)

  • Writing credits both sides: West-Ray.


Sparks (Beverly Hills CA Label) – Something Happened/ Robin Red Breast, ’58 (Arwin 114)

  • Writing credits: Wm Collins/ Bill Comstock.


2 thoughts on “Sparks Groups

  1. Broadcast 1121 causes confusion!

    A-side: Sparks – Slowly But Surely. The song was released in 1962 on the Hull LP 1002 as Slowly But Surely (I Am Falling In Love).
    B-side: Carousels – Away Over There. The song was released on the same LP as Away Overthere; group name spelled Carousel’s.

    Confusion eliminated?

    • Great find! Split credits are often overlooked. This is a good correction. The LP 1002 scans and back jacket are no longer available on youtube. The linked ‘insert’? presents another credit problem, which I hope is addressed in the post.

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