Sonics Groups

Sonics (NY) – Bumble Bee/ As I Live On, ’55 (Groove 0112)

  • Writing credits: Frank Slay-Bob Crewe/ Ben Smith.


Sonics (New Jersey) (w Bill Fontaine Orch) – Evil Eye/ Triangle Love, ’57 (Nocturne 110)

Sonics (New Jersey) – Evil Eye/ Triangle Love, ’57 (RKO Unique 411)

  • No orchestra credit on this release. 


  • Writing credits: Jacobson-Krondes/ Jacobson-Krondes-Post.
  • Most sources date 1957.
  • An article on 45cat states this is “fine first showing.”


Sonics (New Jersey) 

– Once In A Lifetime/ It Ain’t True, ’58 (X-Tra 107 & Clifton 12, ’75)

– (It Only Happens) Once In A Lifetime/ It Ain’t True, ’63 (Candlelite 416)

  • Writing credits: Smith Gallon/ James De Leston.

Note:  Gms include William Franklin and Larry Davis, who were previously with the Kodak’s/Kokoks.


Sonics (New Jersey) (ft Donald Sheffield) – This Broken Heart/ You Made Me Cry, ’59 (Harvard 801-first pressing)

Sonics (New Jersey) – This Broken Heart/ You Made Me Cry, ’59 (Harvard 922 & Checker 922)

  • Writing credits on both sides: W Franklin. 


Sonics (Minneapolis) – Marlene/ Minus One-Blast Off, ’59 (Gaity 114)

  • Rockabilly Group.
  • Label is Gaity, not Gaiety.


Sonics (Tulsa OK) (ref Billy Silmon)

– It’s You/ Preacher Man, ’62 (Amco 001)

  • ‘Amco’ is a Tulsa Oklahoma label.

– It’s You, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (A1))

– Mexico Twist, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (A4))

– Preacher Man, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (A7))

– Say You’ll Be Mine, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (B3))

– You Are My Sunshine, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (B6))


The Relic LP liner notes has more info about the group and when the songs were recorded.


Note:  These Sonics are not connected to any other Sonic group.


Sonics (Los Angeles) – Funny/ I Get That Feeling, ’62 (Armonia 102)

  • Writing credits on both sides:  Lancer-Baker-McNeely?)


Sonics (Philadelphia Label) – Beautiful Brown Eyes/ Sugaree, ’62 (Jamie 1235)

  • Writing credits: Smith-Delmore/ Robbins.
  • Youtube plays both sides and, at times, shares similarities, but not enough to confirm it is part of another group.
  • Credible info is welcome.


Sonics (Houston TX) (Vance Charles & The) – Closer To Me/ Let’s Fall In Love, ’63 (Lori 9553)


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