Sonics Groups

Sonics (NY) – As I Live On/ Bumble Bee, ’55 (Groove 0112)



Sonics (New Jersey) (ref Donald Sheffield) (This is group with X-Kodak’s/Kodoks members.)

– Once In A Lifetime/ It Ain’t True, ’58 (X-Tra 107 & Clifton 12, ’75)

– (It Only Happens) Once In A Lifetime/ It Ain’t True, ’63 (Candlelite 416)


Sonics (New Jersey) (ft Donald Sheffield) – This Broken Heart/ You Made Me Cry, ’59 (Harvard 801-first pressing)


Sonics (New Jersey) – This Broken Heart/ You Made Me Cry, ’59 (Harvard 922 & Checker 922)



Sonics (New Rochelle NY Labels) – Evil Eye/ Triangle Love, ’59 (Nocturne 110 & RKO Unique 411) (With Bill Fontaine Orch.)



Sonics (Minneapolis) – Marlene/ Minus One-Blast Off, ’59 (Gaity 114) (Rockabilly Group) (Label is Gaity.)



Sonics (Tulsa OK-ref Billy Silmon)

– It’s You/ Preacher Man, ’62 (Amco 001) (Tulsa Oklahoma label.)

– It’s You, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (A1))

– Mexico Twist, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (A4))

– Preacher Man, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (A7))

– Say You’ll Be Mine, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (B3))

– You Are My Sunshine, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (B6))

(The Relic LP liner notes has more info about the group and when the songs were recorded.  These Sonics are not connected to any other Sonic group.)



Sonics (Los Angeles) – Funny/ I Get That Feeling, ’62 (Armonia 102)



Sonics (Philadelphia Label) – Beautiful Brown Eyes/ Sugaree, ’62 (Jamie 1235) (Youtube plays both sides and, at times, shares similarities, but not enough to confirm it is part of another group.  Credible info is needed.)



Sonics (Houston TX) (Vance Charles & The) – Closer To Me/ Let’s Fall In Love, ’63 (Lori 9553)


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