Six Teens

The book listed all under the Six Teens.  Unless noted, scans were used to credit artist and title.


Six Teens

– A Casual Look/ Teen Age Promise, ’56 (Flip 315)

– Afar Into The Night/ Send Me Flowers, ’56 (Flip 317)

– Baby-O/ Oh It’s Crazy, ’58 (Flip 338)


Six Teens (ft Trudy Williams)

– Only Jim/ My Special Guy, ’57 (Flip 320)

– Arrow Of Love/ Was It A Dream Of Mine, ’57 (Flip 322 & Regency 626, ’64)


Six Teens (ft 14 yr old Trudy Williams) – Baby You’re Dynamite/ My Surprise, ’57 (Flip 326)


Six Teens (ft 14 yr old Trudy Williams) – Stop Playing Ping Pong (With My Little Heart), ’57 (Flip 329)

Six Teens (ft Trudy & Louise) – My Secret, ’57 (Flip 329)


Six Teens (ft Trudy Williams)

– Danny (This Is The Last Dance)/ Love’s A Funny That Way, ’58 (Flip 333)

– Heaven Knows I Love You/ Why Do I Go To School, ’59 (Flip 346)


Six Teens (ft Trudy Williams) – That Wonderful Secret Of Love, ’60 (Flip 350)

Six Teens (ft Trudy & Jimmie) – So Happy, ’60 (Flip 350)


Six Teens (ft Trudy Williams) – A Little Prayer/ Suddenly In Love, ’60 (Flip 351) (No scan for b-side.)


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