Sinceres Groups

Sinceres (New York Area)


The New York area Sinceres groups were jumbled together in the book.

  • Other sources tend to vary the linking for a variety of reasons.


Sinceres (NY-Jordan) – You’re Too Young/ Forbidden Love, ’60 (Jordan 117)

  • All sources agree this is the Jay Proctor/George ‘Lucky’ Lloyd group from Allentown PA who go on to become part of Jay & The Techniques.


Sinceres (NY-Sigma) – Darling/ Do You Remember, ’60 (Sigma 1003-1004)

  • Most report this is a white group with Bill Johnson on Lead.
  • This is the only recording for this group.


Sinceres (Yonkers NY)

– Please Don’t Cheat On Me/ If You Should Leave Me, ’61 (Richie 545)

  • I Got A Girl/ Joyce, ’78 (Crystal Ball 126)
  • Writing credits for ‘Joyce’ are Sal Corrente.


FYI: Reported gms: Frank Camarota, Joe Pestrosine, Al Myslick, Paul Fernandes & Sal Corrente. 


Sinceres (New York)

– Kookie Okie/ Our Winter Love {I}, ’63 (Epic 9583)

– Sincerely {I}/ Snap Your Fingers, ’64 (Columbia 43110)

  • Sincerely’ has female-accompanying vocal background ‘sound.’
  • Have not heard ‘Snap Your Fingers.’


Note:  Prod: Dan Law & Frank Jones on both Epic and Columbia releases.


Sinceres (NY-Taurus) – The Magic Of Love/ Tell Her, ’66 (Taurus 377)


Sinceres (Texas)


Sinceres (Dallas TX) (Johnny H & The) – Why Don’t You Write Me, ’63 (El Zarape 122)

  • The flip ‘Crazy Baby’ is by Little Joe & The Latinaires.