Silhouettes (First Group)

– Get A Job/ I Am Lonely, ’57 (Junior 391 (593-4) & Ember 1029)

– I Sold My Heart To The Junkman/ What Would You Do, ’58 (Ace 552 & Junior 396)

– Headin’ For The Poorhouse/ Miss Thing, ’58 (Ember 1032)

– Bing Bong/ Voodoo Eyes, ’58 (Ember 1037)

– Never/ Bull Frog, ’61 (20th Fox 240)


Silhouettes (Bill Horton & The) – Evelyn/ Never Will Part, ’59 (Ace 563)

Silhouettes – Evelyn/ Never Will Part, ’59 (Junior 400)


Silhouettes (Second Group)

– Wish I Could Be There/ Move On Over (To Another Land), ’62 (Grand 142) (As well as dating the Grand release in 1956, the book lists ‘Which Way Did She Go’ as the B-side.  All label scans for Grand 142 were for ‘Wish I Could Be There’ and ‘Move On Over’.  Silhouettes biographies date as 1962.)

– The Push/ Which Way Did She Go, ’62 (Imperial 5899)

– Your Love (Is All I Need)/ Rent Man, ’62 (Junior 993)



Silhouettes as New Silhouettes – Climb Every Mountain/ We Belong Together, ’67 (Jamie 1333)


(The Original & New 58/68) Silhouettes (Get A Job) (Goodway LP 100) 1968

as The Original Silhouettes on Side 1 Get A Job, I Am Lonely, Rent Man, Your Love (Is All I Need), Bing Bong Lover.

as The New Silhouettes on Side 2: Get A Job, Not Me Baby, Gaucho Serenade, Climb Every Mountain, We Belong Together.


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