Shytones & Related Groups

Shytones (Brooklyn)

– Annette/ Bandstand Rock, ’57 (Spot 15)

– White Bucks/ Bandstand Rock, ’57 (Spot 14-15)

Shytones (Brooklyn) as Shy-Tones

– A Lover’s Quarrel/ Just For You, ’58 (Goodspin 401 & Bruce)


Shytones (Brooklyn) as Hi-Tones

– Lovers [sic] Quarrel/ Just For You, ’58 (Fonsca 201)

– No More Pain/ I Don’t Know Why, ’61 (Fonsco [sic] 202)


Shytones (Brooklyn) as Trentons

– All Alone (aka Lover’s Quarrel)/ Star Bright {I}, ’62 (Shepherd 2204 is an LA label.  Biography lists as an illegitimate issue)


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