Sheiks/Shieks Groups

Sheiks (Norfolk)


Note:  The Sheiks from Norfolk were originally called the Five Pearls.  They did not use the Five Pearls name because the Detroit Pearls already used it.

(formerly Five Pearls (Norfolk) – The Kissing Song (Sweetie Lover)/ Walk That Walk, ’55 (Cat 116)


Sheiks – Baby Don’t You Cry/ Give Me Another Chance, ’54 (Ef-N-De 1000)

  • Discographies say ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ & ‘Give Me Another Chance’ were released as the Five Sheiks but label scans say Sheiks only.
    • The ‘Five Sheiks’ name does appears on some comps for this group.


formerly as US Bonds – Not Me/ Give Me One More Chance, ’61 (Legrand 1005)

  • Not in book.


as Shieks [sic] – Don’t Go To Strangers/ Give Me One More Chance (reissue), ’75 (Monogram 109)

  • Scans found.
  • See comment for link.


Sheiks (Norfolk-Later Group) as Shieks – Why Should I Dance/ What I’d Do For Your Love, ’61 (Legrand 1013)


Sheiks (Norfolk-Later Group) – Twist That Twist/ Cocoanut Woman, ’61 (Legrand 1016)


Sheiks (The Other Groups)


Sheiks (California) – So Fine/ Sentimental Heart, ’55 (Federal 12237)


released as Checkers – So Fine/ Sentimental Heart, ’59 (Federal 12355)


Sheiks (Jamie Group)

  • The book and label discographies spell group name as Sheiks.
    • Scans found for Jamie 1132 spell group as Shieks.  


as Shieks – Très Chic (Vocal), ’59 (Jamie 1132)

as Shieks (Geoff Gilmore & The) – Très Chic (Instrumental), ’59 (Jamie 1132)


Sheiks – Song Of Old Paree/ Candlestick Cafe, ’59 (Jamie 1147)

  • No scans found.
  • Others list B-side as Candlelight Cafe.


Sheiks (NY Label) – Come On Back/ Please Don’t Take Away The Girl I Love, ’60 (Amy 807)


Eddie Williams (Odessa Texas) – You Left Your Happiness (Here In My Room), ’64 (Coronado 112)

Eddie Williams (Odessa Texas) (Voc Gr The Sheiks) – I Just Can’t Help Myself, ’64 (Coronado 112)


Sheiks (errors)


Shieks (Trine) – Baghdad Rock (Part 1) {I}/ Baghdad Rock (Part 2) (I), ’59 (Trine 1101)

  • Not In book.


as Sheiks – Baghdad Rock (Part 1) {I}/ Baghdad Rock (Part 2) (I), ’60 (MGM 12876)

  • Not In book.


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