Sheiks/Shieks Groups

Note:  The Sheiks from Norfolk were originally called the Five Pearls.  They did not use the Five Pearls name because the Detroit Pearls already used it.


Sheiks (Norfolk) (formerly Five Pearls (Norfolk) – The Kissing Song (Sweetie Lover)/ Walk That Walk, ’55 (Cat 116)


Sheiks (Norfolk) – Give Me Another Chance/ Baby Don’t You Cry, ’54 (Ef-N-De 1000) (Discographies say ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ & ‘Give Me Another Chance’ were released as the Five Sheiks but label pics say Sheiks only.  The Five Sheiks name does appears on some comps for this group.)


Sheiks (Norfolk) formerly as US Bonds – Not Me/ Give Me One More Chance, ’61 (Legrand 1005) (Not in book.)

Sheiks (Norfolk) as Shieks – Don’t Go To Strangers/ Give Me One More Chance (reissue), ’75 (Monogram 109) (Scans found.  See comment for link.)


Sheiks (Norfolk-Later Group) as Shieks – Why Should I Dance/ What I’d Do For Your Love, ’61 (Legrand 1013)

Sheiks (Norfolk-Later Group) – Twist That Twist/ Cocoanut Woman, ’61 (Legrand 1016)



Sheiks (California) – So Fine/ Sentimental Heart, ’55 (Federal 12237)


Sheiks (California) released as Checkers – So Fine/ Sentimental Heart, ’59 (Federal 12355)



Sheiks (Jamie Group) (The book and label discographies spell group name as Sheiks.  Scans found for Jamie 1132 spell group as Shieks.)


Sheiks (Jamie Group) as Shieks – Très Chic (Vocal), ’59 (Jamie 1132)

Sheiks (Jamie Group) as Shieks (Geoff Gilmore & The) – Très Chic (Instrumental), ’59 (Jamie 1132)


Sheiks – Song Of Old Paree/ Candlestick Cafe, ’59 (Jamie 1147) (No scans found.  Others list b-side as Candlelight Cafe.)



Sheiks (NY Label) – Come On Back/ Please Don’t Take Away The Girl I Love, ’60 (Amy 807)



Eddie Williams (Odessa Texas) – You Left Your Happiness (Here In My Room), ’64 (Coronado 112)

Eddie Williams (Odessa Texas) (Voc Gr The Sheiks) – I Just Can’t Help Myself, ’64 (Coronado 112)



Eddie Williams & The Sheiks (Texas) – I Just Can’t Help Myself/ You Left Your Happiness, ’64 (Coronado 112)



Shieks (Trine) – Baghdad Rock (Part 1) {I}/ Baghdad Rock (Part 2) (I), ’59 (Trine 1101) (Not In book.)

as Sheiks – Baghdad Rock (Part 1) {I}/ Baghdad Rock (Part 2) (I), ’60 (MGM 12876 (Not In book.)


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