Shadows Groups

Shadows (New Haven)

– Stay/ No Use, ’53 (Decca 28765)

– Tell Her/ Don’t Be Bashful, ’53 (Decca 48307)

– Better Than Gold/ Big Mouth Mama, ’54 (Decca 48322)


Carlos Brothers as Shadows (Long Beach) – Under The Stars Of Love/ Jungle Fever, ’58 ( Del-Fi 4109)


Shadows (Tennesee) – There Stands The Glass/ Bop-Alena, ’58 (Delta 1509)


Shadows (Georgia) – I Love You/ Looly Lou, ’59 (eL-Gee-Bee 101)

  • This was their only record.
  • Scans found.
  • See comment for ‘Looly Lou’ scan link.


Shadows (Wisconsin) – Tell This Lonely Heart Goodbye/ Wonder Why, ’60 (Dottie 1006)


Shadows (Michigan) (Dave (Kalmback) & The) – Here After {I}/ Blue Down {I}, ’62 (Check-Mate 1011)


as Shaddows (Dave & The) – At The Fair/ Dancing Cheek To Cheek (With Love), ’62 (Check-Mate 1016)


Shadows (Michigan) (Dave (Kalmback) & The) – Faith “7”/ Playboy, ’64 (Fenton 942)


Five Jades (Bronx NY) as Shadows – The 10 Commandments Of Love, ’65 (Relic LP 102 B10)


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  1. Wow. Thanks for this info. I was looking for any info on the Georgia group (The Shadows).. and came across this site.

    So many groups with the same name..

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