Senators Groups

Senators (Huntington Station NY) – Loretta/ Poor Little Puppet, ’58 (Golden Crest 514)



Senators (Indiana)

– It Doesn’t Matter/ Julie, ’59 (Abner 1031)

– Scheming/ Tafu, ’59 (Bristol 1916)

The group originated at East Chicago Washington H.S.  DA Harbor/East Chicago is in Indiana not Washington.

As/ a youtube  comment by Juan A Gonzalez: gms are “Delroy Bridgeman, Robert Hudson, Jack Friedman ? or Friedland, Richard Rodgers, Fred (Osley) Lockett, Ron Hedelious, Rich Bursua, Dean Croxton.”)



Marvels (Washington DC) as Senators – Wedding Bells/ I Shouldn’t Care, ’62 (Winn 1917)

See Marvels post for this group as the Gales and Marvels (Marvells).


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