Seminoles Group

Seminoles (w the Lowrocks) – True Love/ Open Your Eyes, ’61 (Go-Gee 287)



Seminoles – It Takes A Lot/ I Can’t Stand It, ’62 (Check Mate 1012 & Hi-Lite 80043) (Book did not include Hi-Lite release.)



Seminoles (ft Joey Finazo) – Meant To Be/ Cheatin’ Heart, ’62 (Hi-Lite 109)



Seminoles – Have You Got A Love/ Trouble In Mind, ’62 (Hi-Lite ZTSC # 87568) (Book dated N/A.  Other than the catalogue info, there is no release # on the label.)


Seminoles released asby Embers (Detroit) – You Can Lump It/ Forever, ’62 (Act IV 94146)

and then as

Seminoles – You Can Lump It/ Forever, ’62 (Mid Town 101)


Dating accuracy needs confirmation.


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