Secrets Groups

Secrets (NY) as The Five Secrets – Queen Bee/ See You Next Year, ’57 (Decca 30350) (Issued May, 1957.)

Secrets (NY) – Queen Bee/ See You Next Year, ’57 (Decca 30350) (Issued June, 1957.)


Five Secrets as Loungers (aka 5 Secrets) – Teenage Bells (Recorded 10-18-57), ’91 (Park Ave 5)

Five Secrets as The Secrets (NY) (aka Loungers) – Wedding Bells (Recorded 10-18-57), ’91 (Park Ave 5)

Labels include the aka on both sides.



Secrets (Unknown Origin) – Now Is The Hour/ Quien Sabe? (Who Knows? Who Knows?), ’60 (Columbia 41861)



Secrets (South Philly (Carlo (Gerace) & The) – Pony Party/ A Hundred Pounds Of Potatoes, ’62 (Throne 801)

(A biography of Tony Maresco names him as part of this group.  His other groups were Tony & The Dynamics, Tony & The Twilights and Anthony & The Sophomores.  There is a drum shot in a group photo as ‘The Secrets featuring Little Anthony’.)



Secrets (New York NY) (Colleen Kaye & The) – Joey’s Diamond Ring/ The One I Love, ’63 (Big Top 3151)



Secrets (Manhattan) – Everyday/ A Smile Upside Down, ’66 (Red Bird 10-076)


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