Saxons Groups

Mary Edwards With The Saxons (Tennessee) – Oh! Oh! Mama/ Chilly Willy, ’56 (Meteor 5031) (Book listed as (1) group.)



Hollywood Saxons as Saxons

– Please Be My Love Tonight/ Home On The Range, ’57 (Our-No#)

– Everyday Holiday/ LA Lover, ’62 (Hareco 102)



Saxons (Jesse Belvin Group)

– Is It True/ Rock And Roll Show, ’58 (Contender 1313) (The Relic 1011, ‘65 reissue is miscredited to the Hollywood Saxons.)
– Tryin’/ My Love Is True, ’58 (Tampa 139)



Saxons (New Orleans) – Camel Walk (Part One) {I}/ Camel Walk (Part Two) {I}, ’60 (Sho-Biz 1003)



Saxons (South Carolina) (Vocal by Reggie Smith) – The Power Of Love, ’61 (Jim Dandy 1002)

Saxons (South Carolina) (Vocal by Phil McCorkle) – You Are The One, ’61 (Jim Dandy 1002)


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