Savoys (Combo Group)

It is possible different members performed as the Savoys  on Combo.  Sources vary on whether or not they are the same group.

Savoys (Combo) as Jack McVea (Louise Beatty-Vocal) – Let’s Ride, Ride, Ride/ Oh, That’ll Be Joyful, ’54 (Combo 55)


Savoys (Combo) – Darling Stay With Me/ Yacka Hoom Boom, ’55 (Combo 75)


Savoys (Combo) as Brother Woodman w Al Smith & His Savoys – Evil Ways/ Loving Man, ’55 (Combo 81) (No b-side scan.)


Savoys (Combo) as Jack McVea Orch w Louise Beatty & Al Smith & The Savoys – Nobody In Mind, ’55 (Combo 90)

Savoys (Combo) as Jack McVea w Al Smith & The Savoys – Chop Chop Boom, ’55 (Combo 90)


Savoys (Combo Group) – Hopin’ For Your Return, ’73 (Sold 505) (Flip is ‘Darling Please’ by the Bees.)  

‘Hopin’ For Your Return’ also appears on:

Liberty LP (Rhythm ’N’ Blues-Volume Two (Sweet ’N’ Greasy’ 83328 (1-7)


Imperial LP (Sweet ’N Greasy) 94005 (1-7)


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