Saints Groups

Saints (Houston Tx) – I Rocked When I Shoulda Rolled/ Will You, ’57 (Cue 7934) (A and B-side title correction.)


Saints (Houston Tx) (Ricky & The) – When The Saints Twist/ My Special Angel, ’62 (Seventeen (7 Teen) 101) {I}

(J Duncan has writing credits on both Cue 7934 sides and ‘My Special Angel’ on 7 Teen 101.  Unconfirmed if ‘Cue and ‘7 Teen’ share the same group members.)



Saints (Detroit) – Doin’ The Stroll/ Snap Dragon, ’58 (Prescott 1570) (Writing credits: J Duncan.)



Saints (Unknown Origin) (Danny & The)

– Peggy’s Party/ No One Has Eyes For Me, ’59 (Warner Bros 5134)

– Big Lulu/ Long, Long Ago, ’60 (Fanelle 101)



Saints (Denver Colorado) (Tom Allen With The) – Lone, Lonely One/ Never, ’61 (Band Box 249)


Saints (Denver Colorado) (Orlie & The) – Hong Kong/ Denver Twist And Freeze, ’61 (Band Box 253) (Pittsburgh Twist And Freeze (the title listed in the book) is #253G in the Twist And Freeze series releases b/w King Kong as #253.)


Saints (Denver Colorado) (Dave & The) – Leavin’ Surf City/ Fever, ’64 (Band Box 341)




Uptones (Los Angeles) as Saints – The Sun Don’t Shine (Every Day)/ I’ve Been Taken For A Ride, ’66 (Kent 480)



Saints (Bronx) (ref Lola & Tom Foy)

– White Christmas (ft Lola Foy)/ Please Come Home For Christmas, ’84 (Angela 103) (No scan for b-side.)

– Wishful Thinking/ The ABC’s Of Love, ’84 (Angela 104)

– I’m So Young/ I’m On The Outside (Looking In), ’88 (Clifton 81)


Saints (Bronx) (ref Lola & Tom Foy) – Crazy For You, ’84 (NA) (This title does appear in discographies for the group.  See


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    • The label scans were recently found at The distribution was from a NY address. If it is a reissue, the 1957 dating of the Billboard says the group existed before the Seventeen releases. The article hints at a lot of connections but says nothing specific. I’d be interested in knowing where the recordings were done and if they were also pressed on the Prescott label.

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