Safaris & Related Groups

The Enchanters, Dories and Angels were pre-Safaris groups with various Safari members and female leads.  See ( for a well-sorted written history of the Safaris.  The Four Evers were a post-Safaris group.


Enchanters (Los Angeles) (ref Safaris) – Touch Of Love/ Cafe Bohemian, ’59 (Orbit 532 & Bamboo 513, ’61) (gm: Marvin Rosenberg, Richard Clasky & Sandy Weisman.)


Dories (Los Angeles) (ref Safaris) – I Loved Him So/ Tragedy Of Love, ’59 (Dore 528) (gm: Marvin Rosenberg, Richard Clasky, Shelton ‘Shelly’ Briar, & Sandy Weisman.)


Angels (Los Angeles) (Bilijean & The) (ref Safaris) – A Lover’s Poem “From Her”, ’59 (Tawny 101)

(The female lead, Bilijean (Billie Jean Kunkel) also released two rockabilly sides as Bee Jee & The Living Dolls (female juvenile group), Teen Age Waltz/ Too Young Blues on Vita 139 in 1956.)


Angels (Los Angeles) (ref Safaris) – A Lover’s Poem “From Him”, ’59 (Tawny 101)

(gm: Marvin Rosenberg, Richard Clasky, Shelton ‘Shelly’ Briar, & Jimmy Stephens.)



Safaris (w The Phantom’s Band) (gm: Marvin Rosenberg, Richard Clasky, Shelton ‘Shelly’ Briar, & Jimmy Stephens.)

– Image Of A Girl/ 4 Steps To Love, ’60 (Eldo 101)

– The Girl With The Story In Her Eyes/ Summer Nights, ’60 (Eldo 105)



Safaris (w the Phantoms Band) (Jimmy Stephens’ Safari Group) – In The Still Of The Night/ Shadows, ’60 (Eldo 110) (gm: Jimmy Stephens & unknown members.)


Jimmy Stephens (Jimmy Stephens’ Safari Group) – Congratulations/ Love Dreams, ’61 (Eldo 112) (Scans found.)



Safaris (w the Masked Phantoms Band) – Garden Of Love/ Soldier Of Fortune, ’61 (Eldo 113) (gm: Marvin Rosenberg, Richard Clasky, Shelton ‘Shelly’ Briar, & Lee Forester.)


Suddens – Childish Ways/ China Love, ’61 (Sudden 103) 

(gm: Marvin Rosenberg, Richard Clasky, Shelton ‘Shelly’ Briar & Lee Forester.)

(‘Childish Ways’ is by the Safaris on Eldo #113 and credited as the Safaris on the Image LP 1000.  There is no scan for the flip as/ the book’s listing ‘Garden Of Love.’ )



Safaris & Related Groups – Image LP 1000 (Related Groups are noted)

Side A: Image Of A Girl, 4 Steps To Heaven, Touch Of Love (The Enchanters), I Loved Him So (The Dories), The Girl With The Story In Her Eyes, Summer Nights, Spare Time, Childish Ways (The Suddens), Dream Girl (The Suddens), My Image Of A Girl (Is You).

Side B: In The Still Of The Night, Shadows, Soldier Of Fortune, Garden Of Love, Tragedy Of Love (The Dories), China Love (The Suddens), Come Up In The World (The Four Evers), That’s Where The Difference Lies (Jimmy Stevens & The Safaris), Legion Of The Lost.



Ginger (Blake) (ref Honeys) – Dry Tears/ Spare Time, ’61 (Titan 1717) (Book lists BB as Safaris.  ‘Spare Time’ appears on the Image LP 1000 asby the Safaris)


Jimmy Stephens as Jimmy Stevens (Unknown BB/Group) – A Funny Thing Happened/ That’s Where The Difference Lies, ’63 (Valiant 6049)


Four Evers (LA) (ref Safaris) – Colors/ Come Up In The World, ’64 (Chattahoochee 630)

(The group is comprised of some members involved with the Safaris/Suddens groups.  ’Come Up In The World’ appears on several Safari comps with various spellings of the Four Evers name.)


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