Squires (Pasadena CA) & Related Blue Jays

Squires (Pasadena CA)

– Lucy Lou/ A Dream Come True, ’54 (Kicks 1)

– Sindy/ Do-Be-Do-Be-Wop-Wop, ’55 (Mambo 105) (There is also a pressing as ‘Cindy’ on Mambo 105.)

– Me And My Deal/ Sweet Girl, ’55 (Vita 113)

– Heavenly Angel/ Sweet Girl, ’56 (Vita 116)

– Venus/ Breath Of Air, ’56 (Vita 128)

– Dreamy Eyes/ Dangling With My Heart, ’57 (Aladdin 3360)

– Venus/ S’Cadillac, ’76 (Robin Hood 130)


Squires (Pasadena CA) as Blue Jays

– Earth Angel/ Sincerely, ’56 (Dig This Record EP 777A)

– Hearts Of Stone/ Pledging My Love, ’56 (Dig This Record EP 777B)

– Ling, Ting, Tong, ’56 (Dig This Record EP 778 A2) (Scan found.)

– Stingy Little Thing/ Don’t Drop It, ’56 (Dig This Record EP 780A)


Squires (Pasadena CA) as Blue Jays – Shoo Doo Be Doo, ’56 (Dig This Record EP 780B1)

and by Willie ? & The Diggers – Every Day I Have The Blues, ’56 (Dig This Record EP 780B2)


Blue Jays (Dig This Record Group) error – Write Me A Letter/ I Really Love You, ’61 (Blujay 1002) (Label scan is for Blue Jays (Music by Nat Sledge))



Effie Smith & The Squires (Pasadena)) – Guiding Angel/ You Ought To Be Ashamed Of Yourself, ’56 (Vita 117)


Billy Storm (BB Squires-uncredited) – Angel Of Mine/The Way To My Heart, ’58 (Barbary Coast 1001)


as Billy Fortune & The Squires (Pasadena) – Every Word Of The Song/ Listen To Your Heart, ’58 (Dice 478) (No scans found.)


as Billy Jones & The Squires (Pasadena) – Everyword [sic] Of The Song, ’58 (Deck 478)

as Billy Jones – Listen To Your Heart, ’58 (Deck 478)


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