Sandmen Groups

Lincoln Chase & The  Sandmen (NY)) – That’s All I Need/ The Message, ’55 (Columbia 40475)


Sandmen (NY)  – Somebody To Love/ When I Grow Too Old To Dream, ’55 (Okeh 7052)


by Chuck Willis – One More Break, ’55 (Okeh 7055)

Chuck Willis & The Sandmen (NY)) – I Can Tell, ’55 (Okeh 7055)


by Brook Benton – The Kentuckian Song, ’55 (Okeh 7058)

Brook Benton & The Sandmen (NY) – Ooh, ’55 (Okeh 7058)


by Brook Benton – Come On, Be Nice/ I Wanna Do Everything For You, ’57 (Vik 0285)

  • Book listed asby Sandmen.


Andy Rose as The Sandmen (White Group) – If You Want Me/ Searching For A New Love, ’65 (Blue Jay 5002)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Andy Rose.
  • Both titles appear on ‘Cat King Cole CD-1002’ (Just Another Classroom Cutie Teen Idol), an Andy Rose CD.
    • ‘Searching For A New Love’ is credited asby The Sandmen.


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