Rockets/Rocketts Groups

Herb Kenny (ref Ink Spots) With The Rockets

– My Song/ You Never Heard A Word I Said ’52 (MGM 11332)

– I Don’t Care/ Calling You, ’52 (MGM 11360)

– Take A Little, Leave A Little/ I Miss You So, ’53 (MGM 11397)

– But Always Your Friend/ (I Dreamed Of A) Star Spangled Banner, ’53 (MGM 11487)

– Don’t Take My Word (Take My Heart)/ Do I Have To Tell You I’m Sorry, ’53 (MGM 11648)



Rockets (NYC) (Vann Walls & The) – Open The Door Baby/ Big Leg Mama, ’53 (Atlantic 988)

Rockets (NYC)

– Boogie Woogie Mama (Atlantic-unreleased)

– Ride In My Oldsmobile (Atlantic-unreleased)

– Where’d She Go (Atlantic-unreleased)



Rockets (NJ) (Bill Marine With The) – At My Front Door, ’54 (Prom 1132) (No scans found.)

Rockets (NJ) (Laura Leslie With The) – Pepper-Hot Baby, ’54 (Prom 1132) (No scans found.)



Rhythm Aces as Rockets (LA)

– You Are The First One/ Be Lovey Dovey, ’56 (Modern 992)

– You Are The First One, ’63 (Crown LP 5372-A5) (Miscredited to Jacks on LP.)

– Lovey Dovey, ’63 (Crown LP 5372 B-3) (Miscredited to Jacks on LP.)



Rocketts (Hollywood) – Dance The Rhythm And Blues, ’56 (Wrimus 701) (Flip ‘My Love For You’ by The Balladiers)



Joe Therrien Jr & His Rockets (Springfield Mass) (Rockabilly)

– ‘Hey Babe’ Let’s Go Downtown/ Come Back To Me Darling, ’57 (Lido 505)

– Hey Babe! Let’s Go Downtown/ Come Back To Me Darling, ’57 (Brunswick 55005)



Rockets (West Coast) (Little Freddy With The) – All My Love, ’58 (Chief 33)

Rockets (West Coast) (Little Freddy And Don With The) – Too Fat, ’58 (Chief 33)



Rockets (Houston Texas) (Bill Bodaford & The) – Little Girl/ Teardrops, ’58 (Back Beat 507)



Rockets (Mississippi) (Dick Holler & His) – Uh Uh Baby/ Living By The Gun, ’58 (Ace 540)



Rockets (Louisiana) (Randy & The) (Swamp Pop)

– Genevieve/ If You Really Care, ’59 (Viking 1000)

– Rockets’ [sic’] Twist {I}/ Let’s Do The Cajun Twist, ’62 (Jin 161)

– No More Trouble/ Bye Bye Baby, ’62 (Jin 165)



Rockets (Nashville TN) (ft Lois Lewsader) –  Special Delivery, ’63 (Cool 711)

Rockets (Nashville TN) – Why Oh Why, ’63 (Cool 711) (No scan found.)


Rockets (Nashville TN) – Always Alone, ’63 (Cool 712) (No scan found.)

Rockets (Nashville TN) (ft Lois Lee) – Year ‘Round Love, ’63 (Cool 712) (No scan found.)


Rockets (Nashville TN) (Lois Lee & The) – Am I Blue, ’63 (Cool 809)

Rockets (Nashville TN) – Moovin’ [sic’] ’N’ Groovin’ {I}, ’63 (Cool 809) has more information.


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