Runaways Groups

Runaways (Hollywood Label) (I have not heard any of this group’s songs.  It is unconfirmed they are the same group.)

– Pardon Me/ It’s Love Baby, ’61 (Lavender 003)

– Pachuko Hop {I}/ The Stinger, ’62 (Moonglow 202)



Runaways (Unknown Origin) – Kangaroo Hop/ Teenage Style, ’63 (Teensound 1924)



Runaways (Texas)

18th Floor Girl/ Your Foolish Ways, ’66 (Alamo 105)

What’s Happening, Baby/ Love (Hitt 2001)

Hear on youtube.  Both Alamo and Hitt are by the same group.  Middle 60’s psych.



Runnaways (Unknown Group) – Laughing With Tears In My Heart/ Shake, ’78 (Crystal Ball 125)


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