Regents (NY-Reformed Group) as Run-A-Rounds

– Unbelievable/ Hooray For Love, ’63 (KC 116)

Let Them Talk/ Are You Looking For A Sweetheart, ’63 (Tarheel 065)

  • No scans found for ‘Let Them Talk’ on the KC Label and credited to the Regents.

– A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, ’63 (Unreleased)

– Crazy Love, ’63 (Unreleased)

– Tonight (Could Be The Night), ’63 (Unreleased)


Regents (NY-Reformed Group) as Runarounds

– Carrie (You’re An Angel)/ Send Her Back, ’64 (Felsted 8704)

– Perfect Woman/ You’re A Drag, ’66 (Capitol 5644)


Regents (NY-Reformed Group) as Runarounds (w Tommy Cosgrove & The Elegant Four-uncredited) – You Lied/ My Little Girl, ’67 (MGM 13763)


Runarounds error – Mashed Potato Mary/ I’m All Alone, ’61 (Cousins 1004)

  • The book lists asby Runarounds but dates as 1961 before the 1964 Regents reformed group.
    • A-side scan is by Guy Villari, a member of both the Regents and Runarounds.
    • Most sources date 1961 but some date 1964.
    • Both sides have a girl-group backing sound.

Note:  Cousins’ duplicate numbers issues are either 1961 or 1964 with no official discography found for the label.


Emotions (NY) as The Runarounds – The Nearest Thing To Heaven/ Lovers [sic] Lane, ’61 (Pio 107 & Jason Scott 13, ’81)

  • Scans found for both Pio and Jason Scott labels.
  • As/ 45cat gms: Joe Favale (lead), Tony Maltese (tenor), Larry Cusamano (2nd tenor), Joe Nigro (baritone), Dom Collura (bass).


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