Royaltones Groups

Royaltones (NY)

– Crazy Love/ Never Let Me Go, ’56 (Old Town 1018)

– Latin Love/ Hey, Norman!, ’56 (Old Town 1028)

– Hong Kong Jelly Wong, ’56 (Murray Hill LP 000083)

– I Give You My Word, ’56 (Old Town-Unreleased)

– A Castle In The Sky, ’56 (Old Town-Unreleased)

– Do You Remember, ’56 (Old Town-Unreleased)


Royaltones (NY) as Ruth McFadden (w The Royaltones) – Two In Love (With Only One Heart), ’56 (Old Town 1020)

Ruth McFadden – You For Me, ’56 (Old Town 1020) (No group credited.  /Marv Goldberg the group is not the Royaltones.)



Royaltones (Michigan) – Poor Boy/ Wail!, 59 (Jubilee 5338) {I} (Not listed in book.)


Royaltones (Michigan) – Seesaw/ Little Bo, ’59 (Jubilee 5362) {I}

Royaltones (Michigan) as Royal Tones – Seesaw/ Little Bo, ’59 (Jubilee 5362) {I}


Royaltones (Michigan)

– Short Line (aka Doin’ The Duke)/ Big Wheel (aka Ferris Wheel), ’60 (Goldisc 3004) {I}

– Flamingo Express/ Tacos, ’60 (Goldisc 3011) {I} (The Original B-side ‘Secret Love’ was replaced with Tacos.)

– Butterscotch/ Dixie Cup, ’60 (Goldisc 3016) {I} (No scan found.)

– Dixie Rock (aka Dixie Cup)/ Royal Whirl, ’60 (Goldisc 3017) {I}

– The Peppermint Twist/ Scotch N’ Soda, ’61 (Goldisc 3026) (Not listed in book.)

– Do The Early Bird/ Scotch ‘N’ Soda (aka Butterscotch), ’61 (Goldisc 3028) {I} (No a-side scan found.)


Royaltones (Michigan) as Cool-Tones

– Ginchy {I}, ’59 (Warwick 505) (This is the retitled ‘Clip Clop’ by Royaltones on Penthouse 776.  Another source says it is a renamed See-Saw.)

– Movin’ Out {I}, ’59 (Warwick 505) (Label pic is by Cool-Tones.  One source claims it is not the Royaltones Cool-Tones.)



Royaltones (El Pauling & The) errors:

El Pauling & The Royalton – I’m A Cool Teenager/ Solid Rock, ’60 (Federal 12383)


El Pauling & The Royalton – Now Baby Don’t Do It, ’60 (Federal 12396)

El Pauling – Everybody Knows, ’60 (Federal 12396)


The Lute release listed in error under this Royaltones group is by Gary Paxton.


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