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Royal Teens

– Mad Gass {I}/ Sittin [sic] With My Baby, ’57 (Astra 1012 & Power 113, ’59)

– Short Shorts/ Planet Rock {I}, ’57 (Power 215 & ABC-Paramount 9882, ’58)

– Sham Rock/ Big Name Button, ’58 (ABC-Paramount 9918)

– Harvey’s Got A Girl Friend/ Hangin’ Around, ’58 (ABC-Paramount 9945)

– Open The Door (Forgot The Key)/ My Kind Of Dream, ’58 (ABC-Paramount 9955)

– Believe Me/ Little Cricket, ’59 (Capitol 4261)

– I’ll Not Be The One (To Say Goodbye)/ Royal Blue {I}, ’59 (Mighty 111)

  • No scan found for ‘I’ll Not Be The One (To Say Goodbye).’ Matrix #109/ #109X.

– Leotards/ Royal Blue {I}, ’59 (Mighty 111)

– Cave Man/ Wounded Heart, ’59 (Mighty 112)

– Was It A Dream/ The Moon’s Not Meant For Lovers (Anymore), ’60 (Capitol 4335)

– Little Trixie/ My Memories Of You, ’61 (Mighty 200)

– Short Short Twist/ Royal Twist {I}, ’62 (Allnew 1415 & Jubilee 5418)

– I’ll Love You (Til The End Of Time) (Vocal)/ I’ll Love You (Til The End Of Time) {I}, ’65 (Swan 4200)


Royal Teens (ft Joey Villa) – With You/ It’s The Talk Of The Town, ’60 (Capitol 4402)


as Bluetones (Vocal-Joey Villa) (ref Royal Teens) – I’ll Love You (Till The End Of Time) (Part 1)/  I’ll Love You (Till The End Of Time) (Part 2), ’65 (Bluejay 101)


Royal Teens (Garage Group) (ref Tom Austin) – Do The Montoona/ Bad Girl, ’65 (TCF 117)

  • Writing credits on both sides: M Austin-R Piccioni.
  • See the comments from Hans-Joachim Krohberger.
    • Comments on the 45cat site state Tom Austin wrote both sides with Roland Piccioni.
      • The copyright for ‘Bad Girl’ is ‘Roland Piccioni.’

Note:  The 45cat info should include these sides with an ongoing Royal Teens group discography, albeit with different group members than the original group.


Royal Teens (Revival Group) – Smile A Little Smile For Me/ Hey Jude, ’69 (Musicor 1398)

  • A-side to the tune of ‘Little Darlin’.
  • Scans found.


FYI: The following LP listing might be relevant, to some.

  • The back cover of the LP shows photos of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ groups, without member listings. 

Royal Teens (Revival Group) – Newies But Oldies LP, ’69 (Musicor 1386)

Side 1: Rock And Roll Music, Smile A Little Smile For Me, Proud Mary, Traces and Honky Tonk Women.

Side 2: Build Me Up Buttercup, Sugar Sugar, Suspicious Minds, Games People Play and Hey Jude.


Royal Teens (error)


Royal Teens error – Creeping Thunder {I}/ Lazy Walker (Empire 1001

  • Empire 1001 is by the Royal Tones (Florida).
  • See comment for link.


4 thoughts on “Royal Teens Groups

    • These are good corrections to the book’s entries. Their listings have proven wrong in many instances. Thanks.
      [Edit: Additional info found 01/23/21 adjusts the post.]

    • Thanks for your help pointing out the Musicor group. It is a good find!
      [Edit: On the back cover of the LP, there are photos of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ group makeups, without member listings.]

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