Royal Jesters (San Antonio)

Royal Jesters

– Those Dreamy Eyes/ My Angel Of Love, ’60 (Harlem 105)

– Ask Me To Move A Mountain/ Is That Good Enough For You, ’61 (Cobra 611025)

– Wisdom Of A Fool/ What Love Has Joined Together, ’62 (Jester 102)

– Use Your Head/ My Love, My Love, ’62 (Jester 103)

  • Not in book.

– We Go Together/ I Want You Round, ’62 (Jester 104)

– Let There Be You/ I Really Don’t Want To Know, ’62 (Jester 106)

– Please Say You Want Me/ What’cha Gonna Do ‘Bout It, ’65 (Jox 0290)


Royal Jesters (& The Memphis III) – Let’s Kiss And Make Up/ Love Me, ’61 (Cobra 2222)


Royal Jesters (Music by The Casuals) – I Never Will Forget/ I Want To Be Loved, ’62 (Cobra 7777)

  • As the B-side, scan also found as ‘Never Will Forget’ credited as Royal Jesters (with music by The Jimmy Johnson Combo).


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